Cammo Style Love: Still Time To Visit Bunnyville USA

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Still Time To Visit Bunnyville USA

I'm a girl all about tradition, and as along as my kids will play along I'll be taking them to visit the Easter Bunny! And there's not a better Easter Bunny around then what you'll find at Bunnyville in the Fair Oaks Mall. Cammo Style Love was invited out to take a sneak peak and take part in a fun little Bunny Brunch. Most likely I would have been making a last minute visit to the bunny, so if you're like me you might be looking at a last minute run as well.

I would like to thank Fair Oaks Mall and the amazing Kona Grill for the fabulous food! You have until April 15th to see the Bunny. Check the bottom of this post for a special coupon.

And a little extra treat for you all. If you want to make these cute little orange bears yourselves, as my children continually demand, you can learn on youtube! Thanks Kona Grill

Visit Bunnyville USA today!!!

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