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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Nutrisystem Week 6 & 7 Challenges and How I Overcome Them.....

You we are...week 6 and 7 of my Nutrisystem journey. It really has been a journey. I'm not calling it a diet because really isn't. But it hasn't been easy. And I'm gonna get real on this post because I want to talk about the challenges and roadblocks that have come my way, because we all have them. What I've noticed is there are triggers for me that cause me to come face to face with derailment. My period, high-stress situations and certain people. Its interesting because you kind of know that you crave certain things during that time of the month. For me its salt!! But when you are on this kind of program where you are only choosing from certain foods that you already have you really start to investigate what's going on. Thankfully I had all sorts of choices that met my cravings, and still fit within my program!! So I wasn't just adding food to add food!!! I have never been so thankful for a big bag of approved Nutrisystem popcorn in all my life!

Another trigger in my life is stress. The anxiety rises and I start craving things. But focusing on how I can stave off the stress really helped. It's almost like a reset of the brain. I open my cabinet and I'm like okay...this is how I'm feeling, it's okay that I'm feeling this way, deep breath and make a smart choice. If I just had a snack its the perfect time for more water and a little bit of crystal light. The trick for me is to not let these cravings or anxieties fester because for me that just makes them worse. That's a sure way to find yourself in the middle of a total spiral.

Before Nutrisystem I would have probably made some terrible terrible food choices when I was feeling this way. But one of the benefits I've noticed about this program is a new-found discipline. It educated me without a forced education. Nutrisystem encourages you to really explore your food, understand the calories in it, understand what makes up a good meal and to do that within their system AND outside of their system!!! That to me has been one of the biggest things that has helped me overcome challenges. There are options for me outside of the Nutrisystem program and life after it will be amazing and I won't backslide.

So what can I say to you about all of this? Acknowledge your challenges and don't try to run from them. Accept them!!! Identifying your triggers, whatever they may be, can help you navigate those challenges better.

Find people in your life to either mentor you, or just be an encourager. Someone you can talk to you about your struggles and just be real about it. You don't want to go this alone that's for sure. Life alone just sucks, and no one should have to do that. Check out The Leaf for great ideas for navigating your journey, whether you are doing Nutrisystem or not. This article, about the science behind the sugar crash is just one of the fascinating articles I've read on there. Educating myself has been one of the greatest things about being a part of this family.

This week's successes - I still haven't weighed myself, but I tried on a pair of "skinny" (not actually skinny, but a size smaller than I normally wear) and I am so close people!!!!!! So close!!!! I know that's a success!!

Favorite Foods - I'm still loving the Loaded Mashed Potato and the white mac and cheese for lunch. I'm still not tired of them!!

Least Favorite - So I'm going to admit that not everything is perfect. I'm not a fan of the Oatmeal Bites for breakfast or the Steak and Cheese hot pocket type thing for lunch. And I got two new dinner's to try out - Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes and the Pot Pie.  The Meatloaf was good, but the potatoes weren't a winner. And the pot pie was just meh. It wasn't necessarily bad, but finding peppers in my pot pie isn't my thing and the crust that they use is kind of strange and does really break apart easy.

Goals - I decided next week I'm going to weigh myself. Just for curiosity sake, maybe take some measurements. I'm going to be honest and say that I haven't been working out quite like I envisioned myself doing during this journey; but life has been one crazy mess after another. We've had all of the sicknesses during these last eight weeks that one could possibly have. Stomach flu, strep throat, bad colds all around. Hubby travelled and the kids didn't handle it well. It's been a rollercoaster. But if I can feel successful despite all of these challenges, imagine what a slightly less challenging time would be like!!!??

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Project Cinderella - Hosted by USOmetro

You guys!! I was the luckiest girl in all the land last weekend. I got to go hangout with some of my fellow milspouses at Project Cinderella! I had heard about this event but had never been able to attend before. But this year I decided to make it happen, and boy am I glad I did. It was so much fun. Really I had more fun watching everyone else have fun. Thinking about all the military spouses or female service members who were in attendance that maybe just really needed this day of pampering for whatever reason. I saw so many smiles that day it just made my heart swell. This is such a great event and I urge you to find out if your USO is hosting something similar. If you have dresses or shoes or other products that you could donate to an event like this do it! Some of these spouses really need these simple blessings and this is fantastic way to get rid of what you have that you might never use again while touching the lives of others.

 I was so happy to run into my fellow Spouse of the Year sister, Natasha!!! She's amazing and we don't get to see each other very often

 I'm also convinced that DC is the smallest place in the world, because I also ran into fellow DC Blogger/Fashionista lover, Patty from @Stylebypatty (go look her up on Instagram). She's a milspouse as well?! What?!

 I also want to give a big shout out to the main sponsor of the event, EY (Earnst and Young)! They did so much for this event and continually support military spouses and families! THANK YOU!

The Fabulous Elaine Rodgers, who runs the USO metro

 We had so really fun sessions to sit in on. One was all about etiquette and just what to expect when you attend a fancy military dinner or event with three forks! It was fun! We laughed and gave each other tips and advice. It might sound corny, but it was good.

 We also got a visit from Miss Virginia and who else can say they had Elaine take a picture of them with a beauty queen!?

 I also want to take some time to acknowledge an amazing woman who came to speak to us. I knew of Veteran's Court, but knowing about it in a general sense was about it. Melissa Fitzgerald left her amazing Hollywood Life to move here to the DC area to be in charge of Justice for Vets. Giving back was always a part of her life and I wish I could spend more time telling you her story. Look it up, because it is inspiring and encouraging! Consider checking out Justice For Vets and educating yourself about this amazing program!

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Nutrisystem Week 5: The Adventure Begins

After a ridiculous experience with the worst stomach flu known to man, which kept me out of normal eating for over two weeks, I have dived back into my Nutrisystem adventure! The adventure is just that, an adventure. But adventure is almost never easy. Its full of bumpy roads, twists and turns and I've had my fair share. I continue to avoid the scale but rely on what my body is telling me. My cravings for foods that once ruled my life are all but gone and for that I'm thankful! I've adjusted well to the complete change - ridding myself of sodas and unnecessary sugars has had a wonderful effect on my body.

Supposedly winter is upon us, but here in the DC area Winter isn't coming. I find myself conflicted. The gorgeous weather is wonderful! The kids are playing outside, skirts are a thing, I pulled out my new floral purse to tote around town. But there's something about the snow, bundling up with my boots and comfy sweaters. Winter is the time for stews, soups and corn bread. How does one stay committed to a new lifestyle of eating during the time?  Thank goodness for Nutrisystem's Leaf!

Not only does Nutrisystem have some yummy food that comes in their pre-packaged programs, like Beef Stew and Loaded Mashed Potatoes; but the Leaf provides amazing recipes to make the days when I am making a FLEX meal easier.

If you are looking for some yummy Winter-friendly recipes check out some of these! They are on my to-try list!!

Ten Healthy Carbs - because you know we like carbs in the winter time!!
Seven Healthy Casseroles - some of my favorite comfort foods!

The Leaf, makes it so easy to find healthy recipes that help you mix things up in your house, while also keeping on track. You can also find healthy versions for your favorite recipes!! And they help you break down what each meal has it in it so you can keep on track if you are still following a Nutrisystem Plan. If you're thinking about trying Nutrisystem, check out the Leaf!

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Dreaming of Summer with Carolina Clover

The weather here in DC is toying with it warm or cold? Should I be wearing shorts or a parka? While part of me is ready for the heat, I know that I'm not really remembering the humidity that comes along with it. One of the lovely things that I have had to adjust to living here on the East Coast. But what I am longing for is the beach, summer day trips to the city, spending time with my kids doing anything but sitting in a classroom all darn day! Playing, swimming, jumping on the trampoline. All of the fun things in life!!! 

And what do you need for a successful summer? An adorable pineapple bag with a monogram silly!!!

I love this bag so much!!! It is the perfect size for a day trip beach outing! I could see myself throwing snacks or lunch in it. It could be the towel bag, you could wet stuff in it no problem! It fits all the way over my shoulder WITHOUT falling off, which is a huge deal!! And all my purse-shopping ladies totally get it.

 what would summer be without a little silly fun?

It sits up without any problems, but isn't rough and stiff. It's semi-reinforced bottom is awesome!! and the smaller inside zip pocket is perfect to hold your id, money and keys in, for a day at the beach!

If you're looking for a bag like this check out Carolina Clover for some amazing and adorable patterns, or snag this pineapple one for yourself! Plus, if you're looking to make all your monogram dreams come true, look no further than Carolina Clover!!

visit Carolina Clover on Instagram!!!

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