Cammo Style Love: Nutrisystem Week 3 and almost 4...... #NSnation #sponsored

Monday, February 13, 2017

Nutrisystem Week 3 and almost 4...... #NSnation #sponsored

You know how in life you're going along so well. Too well in fact. Because in this military spouse life, or frankly life in general, one is always waiting for the other shoe to drop. The third week of Nutrisystem was amazing! The food is good, I wasn't getting bored, I had allowed myself a diet soda on rare occasion and things seemed to be going along swimmingly. I was all prepared to prepare my third and fourth week's posts and then it hit. The last hold-out in the Cammo Style Love house came right down with one of the worst cases of stomach flu that I had ever had!!!! And left to fend for myself alone it successfully derailed me from my rhythm.

And now I find myself one week later still not eating a ton of food, if really any. I've managed to eat saltine crackers, a little bit of toast, and some chicken and rice. But not much else and my stomach doesn't love it. However, I remain confident that I will soon be over this ridiculousness and back in the saddle again.

Now, if you've started Nutrisystem, or are thinking about it I want to encourage you. This has been by far one of the easiest health transitions I have made, and believe me I've done a few. And while I may have been derailed and not found my work-out rhythm yet I still have noticed changes. The scale is still my nemesis and I've decide to avoid it still, but took this first month on the program to really pay attention to my body and my eating habits. That's what I would encourage anyone starting this program to do. You can't get hung up on losing the maximum. It might not happen for you like it will for others.

Another important piece of the puzzle for me is finding my snacks - my PowerFuels and my SmartCarbs! If you are following me on Instagram or Snapchat you might have seen me talking about this. My favorite snacks by far are hardboiled eggs, sweet peppers and yogurt. Discovering easy snacks that I take with me on the go have been extremely important for me. You don't realize how busy you are until you have this program you must follow. Thankfully there is much that I can take with me as needed, you just have to plan it right.

I'm trying not to rush myself currently, but I feel the need to jump back in full force, especially since my newest shipment came! I did an unboxing on Instagram and there is so much good stuff that I ordered this time around. New stuff to try that I find myself getting giddy about!!! I just want to eat it all right now. But alas, I must wait.....and it's killing me guys!!

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