Cammo Style Love: DC/NoVA Adventures - National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum

Thursday, February 23, 2017

DC/NoVA Adventures - National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum

Tucked away in a rather innocuous looking building in Alexandria you will find the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum. It's sitting in the giant office buildings in the US Patent and Trademark Office, with no fancy signage or giant signs. In fact, we were unsure we were in the right place for a minute. But we were pleasantly surprised with a cool little museum with a big story inside!

This display shows all of the Hall of Fame recipients, like Steve Jobs

The museum has interactive display screens where you can swipe through each recipients and read about them and their patents.

Anyone remember the palm pilot? Man, I wanted one of those so bad!

New Inductee into the Hall of Fame, the patent holder for the Epi-Pen!

One of my favorite displays paid tribute to patent holders that are also Veterans.

can you guess?

 This museum was a really cool place, and one that I wouldn't normally have chosen to go to. But when you're looking for something interesting and unique you sometimes stumble upon the best stuff. I would highly recommend this experience for children (although my five year old wasn't that excited about it), especially children interested in this kind of thing. It would make an excellent homeschool field trip with a paper involved.

Want to learn more about the Inventor's Hall of Fame, find educational materials for kids of all ages and learn who is being inducted next? Visit

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