Cammo Style Love: Camo Itty Bitty's from Hallmark!! *giveaway*

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Camo Itty Bitty's from Hallmark!! *giveaway*

As a military family who loves our moto gear, these little guys from Hallmark are right up our alley!! I am so excited about these little guys, but can you really blame me? They are so darn cute.

itty bittys® Green Camo Boy Stuffed Animal

We added our Camo Ittys Bittys to our collection, which currently consists of this little guy from Rainbow Bright. 

You can find Itty Bitty's exclusively on and at Hallmark Gold Crown stores! You can even get free pick-up at your local store. If you are looking for fun stocking stuffer for your military kid, or maybe something easy to send to your milkid or family member while you are deployed, these are a great option!

I'm so excited to partner with Hallmark and giveaway a pair of your own Camo Itty Bittys!! Simply leave a comment below telling me who you would give them to, or if you'd just keep these little guys for yourself (no shame in that! I want to steal them from my kids!!)

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  1. I would give to my mom! One to represent me and the other to represent my brother in law!

  2. These. Are. AWESOME! They'd definitely be given to my little guy (and saved for his still-cooking sister), who is pretty sure Dada spends all day in the garage (that's the door he comes and goes from everyday!), and that every man in uniform could also be his father (slightly awkward for Mom in public!).

  3. I would totally keep these for myself! I'd use them as decorations for my book shelf :)



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