Cammo Style Love: August 2016

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's Up with Summer?! Making Memories!!

 Where did summer go and why must it be over so quickly? I look at my blog and I'm thinking, "So, did I really post at all?" I had these grand plans, but I quickly realized that summer is ridiculously crazy! This summer we opted for Swim and Dive Team, which meant that every morning at the crack of dawn we were up and at the pool. It was a great experience for the kids and they loved it. I was so impressed by all that they accomplished in this first year. And despite my desires to do a huge laundry list of things this summer, I didn't and that is okay. At first I didn't think it was okay. I was frustrated and annoyed! But I realized that this is a season, a relatively short season of life and one that should be embraced. The looks on their faces when they saw me watching or cheering for them was so wonderful. But the give and take for that is maybe a little bit less time spent on myself than when school is in session. Three kids, going three different directions and a very busy hubby!!!

But like I said, it is for a season; and these are amazing memories that we are creating!!! For that I am thankful. And even if I wasn't doing exactly what I thought I wanted to be doing; or what my planner had in it, or my famous lists - I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Watch Lifetime Movies Whenever I Want?!!

edit for review - You guys, I've been loving this!!! I love having access to all these movies and just adding it to my normal Hulu and Netflix purchases it really compliments it a lot. Check it out! You really can't go wrong with a free-trial right?  I mean, what's the worst that can happen? You love and well, you love it. Or you hate it and move on. 

My name is Rheanna and I watch Lifetime movies. They've got some good stuff seriously guys!! The Fab Five, the movie about the Texas Cheerleaders? What about The Pregnancy Pact, The Craigslist Killer, William & Kate, Amanda Knox story with Hayden Panettiere?  I could go on. Now you can access Lifetime movies anytime you want with the Lifetime Movie Club.

Why give it a try?

  • movies are commercial free
  • a new movie is added daily
  • watch on your ipad, iphone, ipod and Roku {additional platforms coming}
Lifetime movies are perfect for hanging out on Girl's Night, a lazy Sunday afternoon or a date know if you feel like making the hubby watch The Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Movie. He loves you right?

Do you have a favorite Lifetime movie?!

**This post is in partnership with US Family Guide. This post is sponsored**

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Calling All Branches of Guard and Reserve Spouses!!!!!!

When you think of the National Guard and Reserve what do you think of? Commercials talking about citizen soliders, the phrase "The weekend a month, two weeks in the summer," and those people called out for earthquakes, riots and floods. But there is so much more to who we are and what we do.

Are you a Guard or Reserve Spouse of the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy or Marines? Do you live within driving distance of Bordentown, NJ? If you answered yes then you'll want to continue reading. Words can not express how excited I am about a special event coming to New Jersey in a little over a month. For all of my years as a military spouse I have felt a twinge. One that has stayed with. One of being alone, different and out of place. I have never quite met any common understanding of military life as the wife of an AGR, then Active and now Traditional Status Airmen.We did all of this while remotely stationed at a location with no base housing, no commissary or exchange, or any support programs to speak of. The past fifteen years have been all about learning and adapting. It's also been about feeling left out, desperately searching for support, hearing the word 'No', and hearing the phrase "You're not active duty so we can't help you."

When you are in a room full of military spouses at an event you are more than likely one of a few that are just like you, if not the only one. People don't understand, even those that you think should often have no clue what its like. Events held for Military Spouse inevitably end up having almost nothing relevant to your struggles, and to hear of an event just for you is just something that rarely happens.

But the wait is over! On September 22 an event is being help for spouses of all branches that are Guard, Reserves, or remotely stationed. At this event you will have the opportunity to network with other spouses, talk about your struggles, learn about resources that are available to you....but most importantly I hope you gain the confidence to advocate for yourself.

If you or someone you know are a Guard/Reserve Spouse, or are maybe on orders isolated away from a traditional base consider coming or spreading the word about SpouseTalks. This interactive event is designed to focus on the unique experiences that make up our unique lives. Each person brings their own unique story to the table and we want to hear that.

Stop by and like Homefront United Network's Facebook Page, as well as my National Guard/Reserves/Remotely stationed specific page - National Guard Families

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Six Box ~ Care Packages for Military Spouses

I am so excited to share this with you all today! I stumbled across The Six Box on Instagram one day and I knew that I absolutely had to see what it is all about. A care package for military spouses. I love it!! The ladies over at The Six Box sent me their August box and I'm in love. This box is adorable and fun and I can see myself absolutely sending this box out to girlfriends that need a little pick me up for whatever reason - deployment, TDY, or just regular military life craziness. Founded by military spouses and made with them in mind, make this a wonderful business to support. Megan and Alana are two amazing women that have worked hard for this and Cammo Style Love is proud to support them!!

So, lets check out what is in August's box!

Look at this box! So fun right?

~ Evian Mineral Water Facial Spray - I'd never heard of this before. Apparently flight attendants use it quite frequently. I love that you can spray it over your make-up to refresh your face; but using it after cleansing your face is where it really makes a difference. Gently moisturizing and cleansing your face. Crazy right?

~ Sugar Goop Sun Defying Sunscreen Oil - It was about a year ago that I started using cleansing oil that I got from Julep. Again, another weird thing that I never used before, new existed, or even expected to work well. Who thought a 'tanning oil' would actually work as a sunscreen. And it smells good too!! 

~ Boom Chica Pop Kettle Corn : two words - Yum Yum!

~ Happy Tatts Metallic Chevron Temporary Tattoos - Do you guys remember Swarovski crystal tattoos? Oh my gosh I wore them all the time and they were my favorite!! So this really brought back the memories. I haven't busted them out yet because I'm really looking for the right opportunity. Make sure you are following me on Instagram so you can see them when I finally bust them out!!

~ Summertime Lyrics Print - Beautiful print that I'm currently hunting for the right frame for because it's going right up on the wall in my bathroom!

~ August 2016 Journal - This is probably my most favorite part of the box. It is a unique and special little thing. A small journal just for the month of August. The focus of this month's box is savoring summer. What better way to do that than journaling. I've been writing in a journal for years...decades really. I love it and it always makes me feel better. I have vivid memories of sobbing over the pages of my journal, getting the words out of my heart and onto paper. It was such a cathartic thing. This sweet journal is full of great writing prompts and encouraging words.

Pick up your SixBox for $39.95 and spoil yourself
or someone special in your life! Whose got your Six? Maybe this is the perfect way to thank them? Who would you give it to 
if you could send one box? Let me know!!

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