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Monday, February 29, 2016

Eight things 'Gilmore Girls' Taught Me About Raising a Daughter

1. Making up phrases together creates a bond Don't worry, I'm waiting for the perfect moment to bring out my 'Copper Boom!' and my 'Oiy with the poodles already,' in a perfect synchronization that only an amazing mother/daughter duo can have.

2. When your daughter is the reason two boys get into a fight...sing. If there's anything we've learned from watching Gilmore Girls all these years its that sometimes you have deal with things with a little quip or two. One of my favorite instances of this is when Lorelei finds out that Rory was the cause of the big fight at Kyle's house. Instead of pushing her, reprimanding her, she simply breaks out into a Bette Middler tune. I mean, come on guys....its epic!

3. Even if you make a mistake, you gotta be honest with your kids. We have only a couple real times in the life of Gilmore Girls that we saw Lorelei let Rory know what was what. When she decided to sleep with a married Dean and when she got drunk on Miss Patty's Founder's Day Punch because of Logan. I hope with all that is in me that I never have to face those types of situations with my daughter, but if I do, I hope I'm able to say whats needed to be said. She may not hear me, and may need to figure it out on her own, but if I do it right she'll know I'll always be there for her no matter what.

4. A little embarrassment never hurt anyone. Not much to add here...because you know, what parent didn't embarrass us? Lorelei did it flair....

5. Know where to get college memorabilia in a hurry. When your kid has had their heart set on one college for their entire lives, and suddenly through a hilarious and not so hilarious set up circumstances you know that they really belong elsewhere.....well, lets just say its time to put aside your own feelings and back your kid 100%. So make sure you live with in driving distance or a store that sells that kind of stuff, so even before you have the actual "I changed my mind" conversation you deck their room out with all new stuff. Instant bonding right? And this is applicable to so much in life right? Sometimes our kids are going to do things that maybe we didn't have in mind. Play a sport we never wanted them to play, go to a school far away from us. But its up to us to encourage that. I only hope when push comes to shove I can do that.

6. If you're going to throw your life away, make sure there's a motorcycle involved. In the pilot episode Rory all of the sudden could care less about going to Chilton, something she'd wanted to for awhile {we can only assume}. But that adorable boy with the flippy hair came swooping in from Chicago and almost muddled up the whole plans. But Lorelei pulls her mom card and says there's no way that's happening. Thankfully, we don't have to wonder how things would have turned out; and we wouldn't have had the joy of knowing Paris!

7. The importance of acting like a lady. 

8. You really can be best friend's with your daughter. I didn't really need Gilmore Girls to teach me this because my own mama and I are really close! It's possible and I'm so grateful that it is. I really hope that I'm able to have that with my daughter. 

And because I'm so sad....but hopefully all will be redeemed with the reboot right? One can only hope.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Why Should You Celebrate Valentine's Day?

I'm a succor for a good holiday. Give them to me and I'll celebrate like it's 1999. Fourth of July, Easter, St. Patrick's Day - whatever the occasion, it doesn't matter, you'll find me loving it. It's the not the gifts, or the Easter Baskets. It's not the chocolate or fire works or the singing. It's the tradition of it all. It's the history that lies deep inside each special day. Not only am a I a succor for a good holiday, I'm a succor for a tradition and a story. Valentine's Day is no different, and I think it gets a bad rap. I can't tell you how many people have told me, "Oh it's a manufactured holiday, created by greeting card companies," or "We don't need a designated day to show our love!" Sure, all this is true, sort of; but I love Valentine's Day and I fully believe to in celebrating a day that is really special. And just like with many holidays, greeting companies and department stores have created a commercial nightmare! But do we stop celebrating Christmas and Easter like we do Valentine's? I mean do I really need a special day to acknowledge my faith and my believe in Jesus Christ? Nope!

what is Valentine's Day? Why should I celebrate it?

One of the best illustrations of what Valentine's Day is really about can be found in the children's radio series, Adventures in Odyssey. I know, I know, sounds silly. But in a special series entitled "Wooten's Whirled History" my kids have been exposed to the story of Valentine. I too have enjoyed listening to these stories with my children. In "The Last I Do," we hear the story of Saint Valentine, who in the third century, performed marriages despite an edict brought down upon the people by Claudius. After he was arrested he attempted to convert Claudius, which led to his execution. While it is a sad story, it highlights the belief in love and marriage and that is simply lovely. 

Here we are almost seventeen years and three kids later, looking towards our twelfth year of marriage. Valentine's Day might look a little different, and we may not exchange elaborate gifts every year as we once did, BUT we still both believe it is important to take a moment and make the day a little more special. This year was more low key, hubby bought me some flowers from CostCo, I got him a card a snoopy chocolate heart. Maybe next year we'll get a sitter and dress up and go out! I still remember many of our Valentine's Day dates vividly. They aren't any more important than another day, but they were significant to our relationship none the less. Big or small, you make them what they are, and they are but a small reflection and "Day of Remembrance" to celebrate our love {and for us} our marriage. I don't think anything is wrong with that, and in fact I encourage you all to do it. Don't let the argument that Valentine's Day is simply a Greeting Card holiday. Don't let something like that rob you of what it can really represent for you and those you love. 

 All beautiful you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you.
~ Song of Solomon 4:7 {NIV}

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Friday, February 12, 2016

#RCgetsfit Body with Body By Ginny and the Total Wellness Challenge

The year is definitely underway, and I really can't believe it is the middle of February! I'm excited though because this month I am kicking off a really fun partnership with Body by Ginny. In general my relationship with my body has been an interesting one; but probably not unlike many women out there. I've gone through times where I loved it, hated it, and felt indifferent. I've been a gym girl {prepping for my wedding and post-partum baby number 1}, P90x-er and Herbalife. I became a runner when we moved to the DC area, thanks to my neighbor. Motivating myself to work out has never really been an issue. I plan, I journal, I organize myself and I can stick with the program. But losing weight is still a challenge. Thanks why I'm thankful for the opportunity to check out Ginny and her program, keep you guys posted on the progress and hopefully be someone's inspiration. It's truly a blessing for me; and if just one person is inspired by it then I will be thrilled.

So who is Ginny? Ginny is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Trainer and Certified Holistic Health Coach. She has partnered with her team to bring health and wellness programs to the Alexandria and McLean area for over 10 years! If you visit Ginny's website you will find Class information, Nutritional Health, sign-ups to participate in challenges, blog links with recipes and advice and work-outs! Yes, Ginny even has some free workouts on her site. I have to tell you that this is a huge selling point for me. You can get a little taste of what Ginny has to offer, and she gives it to you for free. I love that!

Ginny is preparing to launch her Total Wellness Challenge {TWC} here in a week and I'm here to encourage you to check it out. If you are looking for something like this that is local to the DC area this is your opportunity. We've all seen the pure online challenges, and those are great, but if you live in the Alexandria/McLean area this is your opportunity to have a challenge connected to someone that is close to you, and a community that is right here. For someone like myself, this particular part of the Challenge makes all the difference. 

The TWC is a 30 day challenge, with a fun twist. Part of the challenge includes posting daily reflections. By doing so you get lifestyle points. More posting, more points! Its going to be so fun. For first-time challenge folks you pay $39 and you receive food lists, meal plans, recipes, exercise ideas, home workouts and printables. Thirty-nine dollars for all of that, and you aren't required to by any type of food, or shakes, or additional workout programs on top of that. Another check in the win column for Ginny and her crew. Sign up for the challenge, and learn more, here.

Make sure you are following me over on Instagram and with the hashtag #RCgetsfit to keep up on my progress and my thoughts throughout the program. 

Connect with Ginny and the gang over at BbG Fitness

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post courtesy of TWC. However, all opinions are my own. Another example: I received a complimentary service from TWC. However, no other compensation received.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ring Doorbell - Peace of Mind at Home

I am really excited to bring to you all my review and experience with Ring Video Doorbell. I had first seen this cool product on my friend's cell phone. They had received it as a gift from someone and I instantly became obsessed. I immediately thought of all my military family and how having this type of product would not only make them possibly feel better, but their spouses who travel often. Its a doorbell and basic security system {while not technically so} all roll into one. I can tell you right now that I absolutely love this product and wish I could buy one for everyone in my life. The combinations and possibilities to combine your Ring experience to your customized needs is part of what makes this a really neat product.

Meet the Ring, Video Doorbell

It comes in four different finish options, included the nickel you see above, antique brass, polished brass and venetian bronze, which looks very black. There is an HD camera that presents an extremely clear image, microphones that are very clear and very loud {I've yelled at my kids across the lawn before!}, motion detection and night vision {you can clearly see out your Ring video even when your porch light is off - seriously cool}. Mobile access is through your android or iPhone devices {check out the app here} and you have several options for installation. For us, we chose to set it up with its rechargeable battery. Our current doorbell is ancient and would require major repair, so we chose this way. The battery lasts for FOREVER even with regular use, which we were pleasantly surprised as it isn't easy to dislodge the Ring from the plate that is screwed your house. While this is extremely good for security (no one is stealing your Ring) we weren't looking forward to having to remove it often for recharge. Thankfully that is not the case. You are looking at over a month of constant use (depending on how you have your area of coverage set up) before you have to recharge it. If however, someone does manage to rip you off, Ring comes with a lifetime protection coverage. If someone steals it, Ring will replace it for free. {$200}

Customization Options

So, I know I previously mentioned customization. And other than your faceplate colors, the options to customize your experience with the Ring are pretty neat. 

Snag yourself The Chime, which is a really cool plug-in extension of your phone app. If you are away from your phone, if you have a large house the chime is a perfect option. And don't worry, you can put it in sleep mode if you have little ones sleeping or just want some peace and quiet. {$29.95}

{via Ring}

You can also add secondary cameras around your home, with the easy-to-install Stick Up Cam! {$199.00}

{via Ring}

Cloud Video Recording comes with your Ring for 30 days, after that a small yearly fee keeps your videos available anytime you need them to look back on them. 


Overall we've been really pleased with the device. The app set-up was very easy, and once we got the right screws, installation was easy. We have a brick house, and the we did have to go out and buy a bit for our drill that could cut through the bring better. But once we did that it was a breeze. Setting up the perimeters took a little bit of adjustment. We wanted maximum protection but didn't want the car going off with every car driving buy. I was very impressed with the fish-eye type camera that detected movement all the way to my driveway and to the opposite side of the house. I had briefly thought about purchasing one for the side door, but when I discovered that the reach was so good I realized I didn't have to. The cloud recording is a necessary feature in my book. We haven't yet purchased it, but I plan to. Unless you catch the video right when you are altered by your app you can't even go back and view the alert, which is kind of a bummer. So if you don't have the cloud viewing, make sure you are checking every alert. But at about $30 a year, it seems like a tiny fee in comparison to other options out there on the market. I think that for military families, families with spouses who work long hours or travel a lot, this is a remarkable product that could greatly improve peace of mind. It is incredible affordable when you compare it to other types of more complex security services, and I love that it serves many purposes. The two-way talk option is probably my favorite.

One down side is that occasionally we have this problem. And the loading can take forever. But it doesn't happen often enough for me be frustrated enough to say forget it. 

Check out a Ring Video and visit them on their website or facebook and twitter! Also please feel free to ask me any questions and I'll be happy to answer as best as I can! Thank you so much and spread the word about Ring!

do you have a home security system? what do you love about it?
Do you own a ring?! share your stories with us!

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