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Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Favorite Beauty Products From 2015

This year has been a super fun year for beauty and make-up products. I feel like I've evolved in that department. From not being afraid to try something new a different, my Julep and Ipsy and Jaclyn Hill YouTube videos, its been a red-letter year. These are not necessarily products that came out in 2015, but new to me in 2015; and are all products that I will continually use after this first purchase. I would describe myself as somewhat picky when it comes to what I put on my body and I love to try a lot of things. I'm also a loyalist when it comes to my make-up, and rarely deviate. But the last year I've had the opportunity to try things that I probably never would have tried and its led to some great new discoveries. These are some of my favorites!

1. Julep Bare Face Cleansing Oil - I know, I know, cleansing OIL!! Crazy right? I would have thought this would have gone terribly. Putting oil all over my face? And having moved to a more humid part of our country I've noticed a more oily appearance to my skin, and had to change my whole regiment. So the thought of using oil on my face would be nuts right? Wrong!! As long as this product is used correctly it is amazing! It leaves my face feeling amazing, doesn't clog up my pores and really does a marvelous job of cleansing. Make sure that your face and hands are completely dry! It will remove make-up, but not eye make-up. I've been using this for almost a whole year now and have noticed no negative side-effects of using an oil-based cleanser. It using rose-hip seed, grape and olive and is cruelty free. $28.00

2. Almay Smart Shade Products - These are recent discovery for me, and I'm a die-hard Mary Kay user, and have been for years. I had the amazing pleasure of being able to try these products for free, as they were given to me at an event. I've been using the concealer, make-up and loose finishing powder. This has been a great, light, everyday type of make-up. It goes on smoothly, doesn't feel heavy and has decent coverage. It includes an spf of 15 which is always a welcome addition. What I've loved about Almay products is that they are all formulated for sensitive skin and have a commitment to being hypo-allergenic, which is great. And from what I've seen Almay products are fairly affordable. Almay products are cruelty free. Products available at several retailers.

3. Almay One Coat Thickening mascara - Another new Almay product! This year I've tried about five different mascaras. Its been a crazy mascara year. But this one, the most recent one I've tried has been one of my favorites for the year. It doesn't get everywhere when you put it on. This can be such a problem for me because my eyelashes are fairly long, and when I go to put my lower lid mascara on the tips of my top lashes can smudge all over my eye-lid. This most frequently happens if I have a really wet mascara. Almay's mascara gives great coverage without being goopy and has done really well with having no clumps as of yet.

4. Julep Pore-minimizing blush - Another pleasant surprise in my maven box one time was this pore minimizing blush. I've received in two different colors in my monthly boxes and just absolutely adore it. It smells amazing (which I know is weird), it has the most amazing coverage and color. A little goes a long way. You barely have to tap this stuff and you get enough, which is a mistake that I made when I first used it. Currently this is available in a set with Julep's bronzer, which I haven't tried yet. Bronzer/Blush set is on sale right now for $36.00.

5. Fruit Enzyme Mask from Ladyburg - I'm going to tout a local business, because I just love to support that kind of stuff. Ladyburg is a local Virginia bath and body type shop. Products are made in store, vegan, uses amazing oils, natural for your body and they have something for everyone! I use the baby/kid stuff, my husband has tried the shaving stuff, we use their hand soap in the bathroom. Lets just say I'm a fan. For Christmas my hubby helped feed my Ladyburg addiction and purchased me something that has been on my "want" list. An enzyme mask is amazing if you've never tried one. It is cooling and soothing to your skin. It mildly exfoliates, taking away  dead skin cells to help renew and revitalize your skin. Its just amazing!! A little goes a really, really long way and this tub will last you forever! $17.95.

6. Tarte LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Gloss - I received this product in my Ipsy bag a couple of months ago. It moisturizes and makes my lips feel amazing. It can be a very thick lip so this is another, little goes a long way, item. It is a clear lipgloss that works with the color of your own lips that creates a look that is uniquely you! It also has a flat applicator, which is something that I've never seen before. Tarte lipstick as Vitamin E, jojoba oil and flower extract. It has antioxidants that help smooth fine lines and wrinkles as well. $17.00

7. treStique lip crayon - Another product received in my Ipsy bag was this lip crayon. I'd never used this type of lipstick before and I've got to say it is a pretty cool product. It goes on super smooth and is a liner and stick in one. The crayon is meant to be paired with their lip balm, but can be used solo for sure. The product I have isn't the dual crayon/balm product but the solo crayon alone. The dual stick, with coordinating lip balm is available for $28.00.

8. Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss - The smart shade lipstick line is a pretty cool concept. You choose a lip color based on your skin shade. I picked up this shade when I was given the other products based on sight alone. I really had no idea that it was a smart shade product. I own red-light, which is probably one shade lighter than I need to be in, but its a great color. I will say that this product, at least for me goes on much like a tint or a colored balm rather than a lip stick. But the smoothness of this is out of this world. I feel like I can apply it similarly to a gloss in that I don't have to be staring at myself while doing it, as I would a normal lipstick. And this is also a wetter lipstick, in that it doesn't feel cakey or dry on my lips.

9. L'Oreal Paris Iffallible Pro-Last - I love a good lipstick. I think lipstick is such a classic look and people don't wear it much. I guess in favor of a more natural look. But, I power on with my lipstick people! Lipstick and mascara are my go to when I need a refresher! The hubbs however, doesn't appreciate the wearing of lipstick on his own face, so in times of need I search out a smudge-proof lipstick. L'Oreal gets the deployment seal of approval here! I picked up this particular shade (Passionate Petal) to go with my most recent homecoming outfit. Now if you've never used a smudge-proof type liptick there are usually two parts, a lip color and a balm that goes over the top. You need them both. This is a great full-coverage color and what I particularly liked about this duo is the balm that went with it. I didn't feel the need to reapply it. That is a common problem in this type of lipstick, at least from my experience. I've been a die-hard smudge-proof user since my wedding day! And it was a L'Oreal back then too! I think in the last almost twelve years they've upped their game and improved upon their formula for this particular type. If you're looking for a kissable lipstick for homecoming, look no further! I'm headed back to actually pick me up a more red-shade, since I've got my pinks covered. $12.99 and I purchased mine at the Exchange.

10. Beach Head Sea Salt Texturizing Spray from Beyond the Zone - Watching my favorite hair style blogger, Kate from The Small Things Blog, on YouTube you learn a few things. Like, what the heck is texturizing spray and why should I be using it. This is my first product of that kind that I've used and I love it. I'm ready to check out more brands and see what else is out there, but I picked this up at my local Sally's Beauty Supply because I just had to try something! It definitely does what it says it does and it's very easy to use. If you're a newbie to texturizing spray and don't want to fork over a lot of money just to try it out, I would definitely recommend giving this spray a try. $8.49

do you have a favorite product from this past year?! I'd love to hear about it! 

Look for these products in action on Instagram, and follow me! @RheChristine
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Christmas Recap - In Sickness and In Health

Adjusting to a Christmas alone is rough. And I realize that I'm not alone alone, and for that I'm grateful. But when you are used to have lots of family around and a busy, crazy house, having only five people around can seem so quiet. All those years of bouncing between my parents and my in-laws was just storing up for the long winter, aka: Christmases without them. It has been magical in its own right. We are a little family, doing our own traditions and having Christmas our own way. I both love it and hate it. Another big thing for Christmas this year is that my two oldest know the truth about Santa. You can read all about our "truth" of Christmas here. They were, however, very excited about making sure the magic continue. We went into the week of Christmas ready and excited, seeing that our baby Jesus' were't in their mangers, watching gifts from our family come in and wrapping. We picked out our Happy Birthday Jesus cake mix and frosting, decorated cookies and I took the littles for their first "shopping for their siblings" shopping trips. We even started a new tradition of donuts and hot chocolate at Krispy Kreme on Christmas Eve day! Quickly though the sickness swept through the house - me with strep throat, the littlest little with some sort of virus and colds all around! Although it put a slight damper on our holiday spirit we still had a magical Christmas. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.

May you have many blessings into the new year! From our family to yours ~

Happy New Year! Welcome 2016!!!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dear Santa.....I Believe

It's a gloomy day here in Northern Virginia. I'm sitting here with my daughter, snuggled up watching The Polar Express. Its at the part where the little kids sing "When Christmas Comes to Town," and I'm fighting back the tears.

Dear Santa, I believe.

I believe in the joy and love you stand for. For the innocence and tradition you represent. The astonishing number of people who don't believe baffles my mind. They don't believe because they think your represent all that wrong with our world today - greed, selfishness and commercialism. You've come to represent a lie we tell our children, that you're real and that you deliver presents to them. We tell our children the words of the song we have sung for years, "You better watch out, you better not cry. You better not pout, I'm telling you why. Santa Claus is coming to town." You won't come if we've been naughty. And now we've lied to our children. Telling them that only if they are good will they get presents. How can our children believe anything we say once they find out the truth?

But I believe and I want my children to. Sure, my oldest two know that its only the magic of you that exists, that mommy and daddy put the presents out. But they have joy and happiness, and the benefit they get from keeping that magic alive, and the magic alive in their little brother.

There is so little joy and innocence left in this world. True and pure joy is hard to come by. Our world is tough, and so much hate and sadness exists. One by one our children are being stripped of all that makes them children. Imagination and play isn't flourishing as it once was. And Santa I think you represent all those things. Some may argue that my faith should stop me from the 'lie' that you are. But I don't think that you are that far removed from faith. Its true that St. Nicholas was a real person, and that he left coins and small gifts for the children of believers who left their shoes out. Each country and generation has added more to their Legend of Santa, and what Bishop Nicholas was is probably so far removed from what you become. But everything about you is a model of what we should be to our families, to our community and to the world.

In recent years I could feel myself become ashamed to say we believed. In a moment that has still stuck with me I was publicly teased by an adult, subtle as it was, for the use of you during Christmas. My belief in you is calling into question my faith in God, simply by the overwhelming amount of Christians I know that have made a choice to include you in the festivities. I never once judged someone for not including you, but every year I feel judged. I am conflicted. Is what I'm doing wrong? Will I get to heaven and be put to task for including you in our lives? I don't know.

But I do know that like that little boy in The Polar Express that lived his whole life hearing that bell. I never want to stop hearing it. And I hope my children never do either. That bell, to me, symbolizes more than just you, flying with reindeer bring me presents. It symbolizes love, joy, innocence, peace, thankfulness, giving and sharing.

I hope I always hear it.
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Monday, December 14, 2015

A Homecoming

I'll take any opportunity to give a shout out to a veteran-owned/military spouse owned business. I just will. Its something that a lot of us do, and it really sets our community apart from so many others. I am so blessed in return by our community. Our amazing photographers are also dear friends who donated their time to us. If you are in the Maryland, Virginia, DC area and are looking for a photographer check out Gronde Photography!

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

MilSpouse Stories: How We Do Reintegration {In 5 Easy Steps}

While we all know reintegration can sometimes be the opposite of easy, there are things that you can mentally prepare for that will make the transition as easy as possible. We recently had what felt like our one-millionth reintegration and this time around I've had several people ask me how we do it when he comes home. Fortunately for us Mr. Air Force and I have had a ton of experience at this, but we weren't always this awesome at it. And while most of my advice in this particular post centers around family, reintegration without kids can be tricky in its own right. A lot of the stories and advice work for both situations.

Reintegration is tough, ask any MilSpouse. I've found myself struggling with making sure I find the balance between letting them feel like they are a part of the family directly and not putting too much pressure on them. For the spouse that has been at home, me, I've gotten into a routine. I've filled the role of both parents, of house fixer, boo boo kisser, bedtime story reader and all that other stuff that is usually split up between two people. I find myself taking over and doing things that he would normally do...or doing nothing in the hopes that he will step in and do it. Neither of which is probably fair for either one of us. I am a lucky girl though. I have a spouse who comes home and realizes that we've been going on without him, that I've been doing a lot, that the kids have chores and routines that he might have forgotten or not realized. He always asks how things are going, and what their chores and routines are. This is something that has evolved over our the years in our marriage, something we've really worked on. We've learned a lot over the last fourteen years and hopefully what we've experienced can help someone who reads this.

1. Don't Rush It

We've done it both ways, rushed and not rushed, and taking it slow when you need to is the way the to go. There are times that we've really needed it, and times that we've picked up right where we've  we left off without so much as a hiccup.  Leaving the next day for a family vacation, even if its just the a quiet one, might not be the greatest of ideas. And while having a Welcome Home party is a fun idea, overwhelming your service member with a large group of people directly after they arrive home, might be best saved for a couple days down the line. But just like everyone does deployment different, everyone does reintegration different.
"Give yourself time to readjust as a family/couple BEFORE inviting extended family and friends for an extended visit or long weekend stay. Having additional moving wheels in your new dynamic can really set things back. I would include parents and siblings in this guideline.  The deployed parent is playing catch-up with childhood milestones, the kids are trying to navigate the new normal while keeping up in school, and the non-deployed parent is just trying to hold it all together."
Don't rush things. You all have changed and experienced different emotions, joys and challenges and it will take time to find your new normal. Just make sure that your expectations are realistic, and most of all be patient with each other. Things may not be like before and that's ok.
Judy - The Direction Diva

photo credit: Gronde Photography

2. Routine
In my own personal life this has been key. The excitement of having a parent home when they've been gone a lot for the kids, and myself too. And while sticking with the standard routine can be complicated sometimes when you are introducing a parent in who hasn't been a part of the routine or doesn't know the changes in routine well, its a good thing for kids. Resilient as MilKids are, the structure that is found in a routine is so important for them. This is why I have learned how important it is to keep the deployed service member aware of the routine through your normal conversations. It keeps them connected and feeling involved while they are gone, and can only help with the reintegration process when they return.
 I've (slowly) learned that the key for our family is routine. It's bewildering for my husband to come home and be dumped into the routine we figured out. His unfamiliarity with daily activities makes him uncomfortable, frustrates and confuses our son, and puts me on edge (often unreasonably). Our last deployment I had the surprising effective idea to put a small dry erase board on the fridge with our daily schedule Every morning, if there was anything different or unusual going on, I would write it at the bottom. I also emailed that schedule to him before he came home. It wasn't a hard and fast rule - just an outline of how our day normally ran. What time munchkin needed to be in the bathtub in order to get to bed on time, etc. It totally changed reintegration for us. There will always be adjustment, but keeping communication open (especially non-confrontational channels is always a good idea. This time, I also insisted on taking some time for myself, and setting aside some time just for our son and I, even right after he came home.

3. Expectation
Expectations can be all over the place and it is important to talk about them and acknowledge them. What are you excited about, what are you worried about, what do they want and what do you want. If there are children involved, sometimes they aren't as excited for the return of their parent as much as you might hope. This is something I've experienced myself. My husband was so incredibly sweet and patient with our littlest one. Its important that they know it isn't them and don't take it personally.
The hardest thing for us is my husband and the kids. {My husband} was gone six of my son's first year (2 three month deps) and also away for his birth so they've had a lot of trouble connecting. Basically {he} wanted nothing to do with him and it broke his heart. So we eased into him being home, accepting that it would take time for {our son} to fully accept him. I've had to really reassure my husband that it will take some time and they'll be best friends before he knows it. Fortunately our daughter adores him so it's never an issue for her when he returns.
~ Anonymous MilSpouse~

4. Time as a couple
Especially important, and almost always forced to the back burner when you have children, is the importance reconnecting as a couple. I've noticed as the kids get older and become more aware of the realities when Daddy is gone, the focus switches almost entirely to them. It is sometimes a good thing because I am so focused on helping them through this that I don't have time to dwell on my sadness. The flipside of that is if I ignore myself entirely for too long I end of freaking out over something tiny. So inevitably when they come home the kids want to command all of the attention, which is understandable. Date nights are important all the time, but after a long separation they should be a priority. Even if its a stay at home date night, setting apart time to do something special is so key to a successful reintegration.
Take time to spend time together but also take time to spend time apart. Jumping from being apart all the time to being together all the time can be challenging at times. Scheduling some alone time can help. I also find that scheduling things for us to look forward to doing together is helpful. It helps if we get out and do things instead of simply staying around the house all the time. They're kind of like "dates" to help us reconnect.

5. Help them play catch up
Especially when your service member is gone for a year, there is so much they can feel like they missed. And sometimes a themed care-package doesn't quite cut it. I've seen people delay taking down Christmas if the arrival of their service member is close to Christmas, or wait altogether. Back in the day when you used VHS to record things, I recorded all sorts of silly and ridiculous things that my husband missed during a year long stint. That was a commitment! To this day I record tons of things and we have almost nightly date nights playing catch up on all that he missed. To involve your kids, have them keep a deployment journal with pictures or written entries if they are older. It will be so much fun to look through with their parent.
 I also keep a folder of random things from during his deployment he can look through when he gets a chance (or when he can't sleep). It has notes I made, or cards that came in the mail, funny things I read and thought of him, etc. Last deployment he was gone over Christmas so I had a big pile of Christmas cards for him. I think it helps make him feel "caught up" on what he missed while he was away.
Tara ~ An Aiming High Wife

photo credit: Gronde Photography

learn about reintegration tips and more in this new book!
Don't miss you

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Taking Care of My Family All Year Long: Military Family Appreciation Month

This post was sponsored by the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central

As November, and Military Family Appreciation month, comes to an end, it reminded me that the need for support for families like myself isn't something we need just one month out of the year. There are organizations and people that support us all year long. I am so thankful that many of these organizations exist and have made it one of my goals to share their stories on this blog. I encourage all of you to learn about these organizations so that you can use them, and share them with people in your life. As a military family we also feel its important to give back to both our military community, so we volunteer our time giving back to these same organizations. It isn't just about getting support and having a month set aside for people to appreciate you. Giving back to those that are in your circle, whether military or civilian, is such an important part of life. If you're looking for a way to get involved here are some easy ways to get started!

1) Operation Homefront keeps a list of current needs they are seeking help for.
2) Join, Donate and Volunteer with National Military Family Association 
3) Become a Blue Star Neighbor and encourage others to support a military family in their community.
4) Donate to Luke's Wings, a charity that provides military family members with flights to be by the side of their wounded service member as quickly and stress free as possible.
5) Visit the tabs I have up top to find other ways to support military families.

As a military family I am also thankful for blessings like these that have blessed our lives personally, and the lives of others that we know. One of the other many blessings we have is access to affordable health care. While military families are granted TRICARE health care (or pay for extremely affordable health care on TRICARE Reserve Select), we do have to purchase dental care. However TriCare and MetLife have made that easy for us, but providing us with quality dental care at a great price. We are so blessed to be able to have access to inexpensive health care as a military family. And as a National Guard family we can access this as well. One of the reasons we were able to do this so well is by choosing TDP {TRICARE Dental Program} with MetLife. With TDP we are able to receive great dental care, from a choice of amazing local dentists. As someone with a fear of dentists, it is super important that I am able to find an amazing dentist and not have to worry about the quality of my care and what benefits I will receive. With TRICARE Dental we receive the following benefits:

  • Two cleanings and two exams per year, at no cost, when a network dentist is seen
  • Sealants on permanent molars for children through the age of 18, with a 20% cost share
  • Orthodontic coverage for children {one of my biggest worries, because I remember what it was like to get braces!)
  • $1,300 Dental Program Annual Maximum per enrollee per plan year
  • $1,200 Accidental Annual maximum per enrollee per plan year
  • One Athletic Mouth Guard per consecutive 12-month period, with a 50% cost share {and we have little ones that are headed towards being more active in sports and this is much appreciated!}
If you are military family, active, reserve or National Guard, I highly recommend MetLife TRICARE Dental Program. As Military Family Appreciation month winds down, take steps to care for your military family by enrolling in TRICARE Dental.

Follow Tricare Dental Program on Facebook

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Santa HQ is coming to Northern Virginia November 14th {and Nine other Locations in the US} #DCNoVAadventures

Usually you won't hear a peep out of me about Christmas until after Thanksgiving; but I'm willing to make an exception when it comes to making sure you have the perfect Santa experience with your little ones. And one of the coolest places to visit that jolly man in red is coming to Tysons Corner!

For seven weeks, Nov 5th - December 24th, you can visit with Santa at Santa HQ, brought to you by HGTV. Take your picture with Santa, take an 'Elfie Selfie, star in your own music video and use Elf-Ray vision to explore Santa's Workshop. HGTV and DIY Television stars will also be present at certain locations. Alison Victoria, from Kitchen Crashers, will be at the Tysons location on November 20th. Before you leave make sure you enter to win HGTVs $10,000 Spreading Holiday Cheer Sweepstakes! What is probably the coolest thing about the Santa HQ experience is that you can make reservations. For a mom of three I think that is pretty darn cool. For a military spouse mom it's probably the best thing ever, especially if your spouse is gone. Make sure to visit Santa HQ on the web for more information and to grab your slot to see the big guy.

See below to find the dates and locations nearest you!! And for all my DC/NoVA readers, we'll see you November 14th. Make sure to use #loveHGTV and share you pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Chandler Fashion Center, Chandler, opens Nov. 7
Scottsdale Fashion Center, Scottsdale, opens Nov. 14 

Vintage Faire, Modesto, opens Nov. 5
Los Cerritos Center, Cerritos, opens Nov. 7
Lakewood Center, Lakewood, Calif., opens Nov. 7

Flatiron Crossing, Broomfield, opens Nov. 7

Danbury Fair, Danbury, opens Nov. 6

New Jersey:
Deptford Mall, Deptford Township, opens Nov. 5

Washington Square, Portland, opens Nov. 7

Washington D.C. area:
Tysons Corner Center in Virginia opens Nov. 14

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Monday, November 9, 2015

MilSpouse Stories - The Deployment Boyfriend

Continuing on with the MilSpouse Stories series I wanted to talk about something most military spouses will get when they see the title...."Deployment Boyfriend."  Don't worry, its nothing sinister or scandalous. In fact, with most of my friends its a running joke. You might have heard the term, "surrogate spouse," or heard Army wives giggle while talking about their 'Jody'.

Well, my deployment boyfriend isn't a guy, or even a surrogate spouse in the form of one of my best girlfriends (they just stay my best girlfriends). No, my deployment is in fact many boyfriends and ones that sing. They're the boys of country music and they sing to me whenever I want.

Music has always been connected to my soul. All of my emotions are wrapped up in music, and it wouldn't be a rare occurrence for a song to bring tears to my eyes. So for me, I turn to music in times of separation from my husband, usually romantic ones or happy, fun ones. The last time around it was the boys of country music - Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell, Sam Hunt, Thomas Rhett, and the list goes on. They cheered me up, made me cry, made me sentimental and romantic feelings. For some people its movies, and books...or maybe its their crafts or going out. Everyone has things that keep them busy or preoccupied. For me, its my escape, my happy place. One might say I get a little obsessed, but sometimes you just need to get away from it all during these times. The overwhelming aspects of facing many months alone is at times daunting, no matter how many times you've done it. I consider myself to be an expert at it, but that doesn't mean I handle it with expertise every time. The other day I was watching the CMAs, and Luke Bryan was accepting his entertainer of the year award. I got a little teary as he thanked his wife for sticking by him as he goes out touring for months and months on end. Granted, he's not deployed at war, but that doesn't mean she doesn't miss him like  miss my husband. And here she is sharing him with the whole world and countless ridiculous female fans, like myself. The music gets me through the rough times, and I think its only fair to thank those that make a small sacrifice to share their talents with the rest of the world right?

Music is the very essence of many people's souls. They get it, it speaks to them. And sure the people who are giving it to us are celebrities, make tons of money, get to go to fancy parties and have a status that puts them in the limelight. But they bring music to us, and that's awesome. Its part of our parties, weddings, road trips and funerals. Our favorite movies usually have amazing soundtracks that draw emotions out of us, without us even realizing it.

So thank you country boys (and your wives and families), for giving me the music that helps me get through the tough times and happy times. Thanks for being my "deployment boyfriend."

My Current Deployment Boyfriend Play List

1. Luke Bryan - Strip it Down
2. Luke Bryan - Home Alone Tonight
3. Chase Rise - Gonna Wanna Tonight
4. Chris Young - I'm Coming Over
5. Cole Swindell - A Dozen Roses and a Six-Pack
6. Sam Hunt - Cop Car
7. Sam Hunt - Come Over (acoustic ep)
8. Thomas Rhett - Playing with fire
9. Lee Brice - I don't Dance
10. Michael Ray - Somewhere South
11. Jason Aldean - Burnin' It Down
12. Cole Swindell - Hope You Get Lonely Tonight
13. Cannan Smith - Love You Like That

what gets you through the tough times?
do you have a deployment boyfriend?

Check out this amazing new book, written by Spouse for Spouses!

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Nutcracker Ballet comes to Manassas {giveaway}

Dance has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I think ballet is just the most beautiful thing ever. And supporting the local arts is very important to me. That's why I am proud to promote the Northern Virginia Youth Ballet and their performance of the Nutcracker, coming to the Hylton Performing Arts Center November 28th!

This year's performance is special because of two special guests, Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky, former Principal Dances from American Ballet Theater. This is an amazing opportunity to see some amazing dancing that you would have to travel far to see, right here in our own backyard.

Image credit - B. Payden Photography/Northern Virginia Youth Ballet 

CSL is partnering with the NVYB and giving away two tickets to the 6pm show on Saturday, November 28th. Giveaway ends Saturday, November 14th

How to Enter:

1) Leave a Comment telling me who would take

extra entries

2) follow me on facebook or twitter
(leave user name)

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

10 Awesome Holiday Carepackage Ideas {Sponsored Post}

It's about that time to start putting together your Holiday/Christmas themed care packages for your deployed or TDY service members. I love putting them together because it helps send a little bit of home to them. You get to feel a little more connected with them when they are gone. I know that if you aren't a regular with the care-packages it can feel a little daunting starting the process. What to put in, what not to put in, themed and all that fun little stuff. But never fear, Cammo Style Love is here. If you aren't like me and just enjoying going out and staring at the aisles in the store to make it up as I go along, then maybe Pinterest is your friend. Make sure you're following my Military Tips and Fun board on Pinterest. Planning ahead and preparation are good things sometimes. So, with that in mind, here are some of my favorite holiday care package ideas!

1. ELF themed carepackage - I'm not sure what else feels more like Christmas than the movie Elf. So much fun right? This care-package calls for easy to ship gingerbread cookies and some other fun things you see in the movie. Watch the movie with your kids while you're putting this together. It will surely get you in the holiday spirit.

2. Deployment Stocking Stuffers - This amazing post is by another military spouse blogger, whom I'm super blessed to call friend. Jo has an amazing blog in general and has tons of care-package ideas on her blog {so make sure you bookmark it!}. From the practical to the fun, these ideas are sure to make for one awesome care-package.

3. Handprint Art! - I love love love handprint/fingerprint art, and my kids love making it. When Mr. Air Force is deployed we are constantly including art for him and he loves it. It ends up all over his room, and taped to the understand of his bunk {or on the ceiling above}. Plus, these ideas make great Christmas presents for your family. My go to place for all my fingerprint/handprint art needs is the Fun Handprint Art blog!

4. Decorating the box - Check out my Halloween Care Package post for how we decorated the inside of the box. It's a super easy way and can be customized for any occasion. If you want to use wrapping paper that's a breeze as well. The way that I do it is by simply take the box apart, lay it flat, (I order the package of USPS priority mail boxes and those come apart easy) wrap it and then put it back together. Easy breezy!!

5. Dollar Store!! Dollar Store!! Dollar Store!!!! - The Dollar Store, or whatever you have that is similar to you, is my first stop when putting together a care-package. I go there for my wrapping paper, stickers, little decorations to fit the holiday and cheap necessities.

7. cake in a jar - This is my go to for deployment treats! You can buy cake mix or make from scratch any kind you want. Grab yourself some of the small mason jars with lid and seal. Prep them as you would cupcakes - preheat oven as directed and spray glass jars. Fill them like you would a cupcake tin, about 1/3 full. After you pull them out of the oven, trim any excess that has started to come out and immediately seal. The heat causes the jars to self-seal (you'll hear the pop!). Include some frosting and you're good to go!

8. Letters - Especially during holidays and birthdays I collect letters, and extra Christmas cards, from myself, the kids, our friends and families and include them in the box. They can take their time opening them or open them all at once. Depending on their living situation, including some twine or ribbon for them to hang the cards from in their quarters is a fun idea as well.

9. Snow in a Can - there's a couple different types you can find on amazon. It's just plain fun right?
Instant Snow in a Can
Instant Magic Snow in Can

10. Don't Forget New Year's! - Its right after your winter season holidays, whatever you celebrate, so don't forget it! This simple pin I found is probably the easiest and sweetest thing I've ever seen! It's just too cute so click the link.

Care packages are one of those things that can make deployment fun. Being a military family has its ups and downs, but finding the good in the 'less than good' makes it that much easier. That's why I'm happy to have Lincoln Military Housing as a sponsor on this post. Since 1965 Lincoln Property Management has been striving for excellence in their field. As Lincoln Military Housing they aim to provide quality housing on over 20 installations, as well as community events and support to the families living within their communities. Check out their website, especially if you are getting ready to PCS, to see if you will be heading to a location where Lincoln Military Housing is.
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