Cammo Style Love: November 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

MakeUp by 1D - Mascara, Lip Gloss and Nail Polish Oh MY! *WIN*

Make-up by 1D Haul! OMG, I'm in make-up heaven!!! 

It's so much that I'm planning a couple review posts and videos for you all, but I wanted to share the haul first; as well as giving you the chance to win some of your very own Make-Up by 1D.
What I will say is that so far I'm loving it. These are all new sets so let me update you on what they have now. Again, the different make-up items are named after 1D songs.

 ELECTRO GLAM MASCARA -  ($16.50) this is a tri of colored mascara for your lashes (or HAIR). This, along with a lot of the other make-up in this collection, will react to UV light. This is probably good for all that clubbing we do right? LOL. Although my first thought was the next time I do a Glow Run I'm going to be set! I wore the pink the other day for fun and I got tons of compliments on it. People totally thought it was cute! It isn't overly bold when not worn in a UV setting. Haven't tried it yet in my hair, so we'll see when I give it a go.

LIQUILIGHTS GLOW GLOSS - Liquilights Glow Gloss sparkles brilliantly during the day and illuminates under UV black light after dark. Enriched with natural oils and vitamin E to keep your lips soft and hydrated all day and all night.

ROCK ME NAIL KIT, featuring NEON UV-REACTIVE Nail Varnish and UV-REACTIVE GLITTER nail toppings that add even more sizzle to your mani. Sprinkle the glitter over wet polish for a subtle accent, or go for the glitz and dip your entire wet mani in mega-watt sparkle!


These glitter pods are interesting, because it is literally loose glitter sitting in a little pot. you sprinkle it over your wet nails. It's basically like elementary school all over again where you have to pour the glitter on over a piece of paper. Then you have to bend the paper and dump it back in the pot. So, its not easy and a little time consuming but its pretty cute. It covers really evenly but you definitely have to put clear polish over the top because it will come right off. I forgot about this and within the hour the glitter was gone.

The actual glitter polish is really awesome though, it has great coverage and can be worn alone, instead of as an overlay. The blue polish is kind of watery so it takes several coats (probably close to four) to get a solid color. These are heavy polishes at all. I'm not really sure how I feel about that considering most of the polish I like and use is the complete opposite of that. This set will run you about $16.50 at Macy's.

Makeup by One Direction arrived in stores November 15th! and can be found in Macy's, Dillards, Lord & Taylor, Boscov's, Stage Stores and Beauty Brands.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Military Monday: This Land, supporting American Made Products *2014 Holiday Gift Guide*

Boy, its been a long time since I've done a #MilitaryMonday post. Since Christmas is upon us I thought I 'd do some combining and share a possible gift guide item with everyone. I just recently came across this company on the page of a friend of mine. And while I don't know a ton of the details of where the proceeds that do go to Veteran's go to, I will do some digging around and find out more. What I do know is that the owner comes recommended, and it is a veteran owned business and I can get behind that. Plus, when you're talking about support American-made products, that's even better!  So lets get on with it.

What is This Land

A clearinghouse of amazing American Made products for you home and your body! All made here in this beautiful country of ours by local craftsmen. How cool is that? And a lot of this stuff is really affordable. Usually I'm scared of buying American Made, because even though I know the price is worth it, its still terrifying. But this stuff isn't scary one bit.

Some of my favorite items

They even have toys!!

Check this link for gifts under $50

"Inspired to reconnect with America's spirit of craftmanship...." I love that! If you want something hand-made, with love and passion...sometime to be treasured check out This Land and support local artisans and this great country of ours.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lemony, Garlic and Rosemary Roasted Sweet Potatoes

When I started getting The Farm Table boxes I was so excited to get all these new and interesting vegetables to try out. I also experienced my first White Sweet Potato. Since sweet potatoes aren't something that we usually partake of I was really at a loss of what to do with I stood and stared at my pantry for a little while and eventually came up with this! This was also my first time using my Lemon Olive Oil that I got from a friend in Italy. OH man! I wish I had used it earlier, but I was totally nervous.

- cut up your sweet potatoes (after washing and drying) and lay them out on your cookie sheet

- drizzle Lemon Olive Oil and stir around to coat (doesn't have to be perfect)

- salt and pepper to taste

- for 3 cut-up sweet potatoes I used 1/2 tsp of garlic powder and 1/2 tsp of rosemary

- bake on 375 for about 30 minutes

- half-way through go in, stir them around and flip some over

- done when they are golden

If you try it let me know what you think? Does your family love sweet potatoes? If you live in the Northern Virginia area and want to check out The Farm Table, use my code RheannaTFT for $15 off or ask me about about a trial box by emailing me!

play around with it, but this combination is absolutely magical! Baking the sweet potatoes really brings out their flavor and the mix of sweet and savory on this is epic!
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cammo Style Love Gift Guide 2014 - Space Scouts

The Holiday Season is upon us ya'll and while some of us may have gotten a jump start on shopping, there may be some of us that are still searching for the perfect gift. This year I really wanted to focus on unique and not necessarily "toy" type gifts for the family. Things that might be more educationally driven, practical, but still able to grab the attention of the recipient. That's why I'm especially excited to present the first item on the 2014 Gift Guide. This one is targeted for your children, and especially your space-loving children.

Space Scouts monthly subscription club for kids is a delightful learning adventure aimed at discovering the wonders of the universe! Each month your child will explore a new place in space -- stepping into the worlds of space exploration, space science, and astronomy. Join Roxy and Jett as they scout about the galaxy engaging your child in fun learning activities, hands-on discovery, and exciting challenges. Packages arrive each month filled with fun additions to your collection -- magnets, stickers, toys, and more!

Space Scouts is a stellar vehicle for launching your child's interest in science & technology! This is not your typical grab-bag subscription box. Space Scouts is a fun, educational experience where each month builds upon the previous. It's a great way to learn! Price is affordable at $11.95 per month + $3.00 shipping. Discounts for multi-month purchase. Space Scouts is designed for kids age 6+. Visit our website to learn more! 20% discount - Use promo code USFAMILY20 at checkout to receive 20% discount on initial purchase of any Space Scouts subscription plan.

Visit USFamilyGuide for coupon information

**this post is brought to you in partnership with USFamilyGuide and Space Scouts - I received product in exchange for my post, but was not compensated in any other way. As always my views and opinions are my own, and I don't present a product to my audience unless I believe it will be of interest to my readers.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day Thoughts

When I think of Veteran's Day my mind goes to the inevitable online wars where people go back and forth about Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. When do you thank a Veteran, when do you honor the fallen, and how dare you say "Happy Memorial Day!" While the intentions may be good and honorable, its the loudest and the most intense that tend to be heard, and you are left with a bad taste in your mouth. For the record, saying "Happy Memorial Day," rubs me the wrong way; and yes, I believe people have lost sight of what these "holidays" mean. But after so many years of war we are weary, and sad and unlike previous wars we can live that all out on the internet for everyone to see. So, lets stop and get a little education.....

What is Veteran's Day?

Said simply, Veteran's Day is an official US holiday that honors all of those that have served in the armed forces, Veterans. Around the world you will find holidays such as Remembrance Day and Armistice Day, which are a celebration of the end of WWI. In 1956 it was officially moved to November 11 (the original armistice day after further prodding after WWII.

Think about what it was like then? You might have seen some of the documentaries or videos after WWII ended. The sheer exuberance of people, the ticker-tape parades, boys in uniform running around, girls kissing every one they came across. This had really impacted Americans. They had lost so many young lives, 20+ million military members. There was a great cry for a day to remembers those that had served. Memorial Day however was not formally created (although Decoration Day had been sporadically practiced since the civil war) until 1967.

Veterans day.jpg
This picture and story is probably the most beautiful I've seen. On Veterans Day 1982, WWI survivor Joseph Ambrose, honors his son who had perished in the Korean War, by attending a dedication of a VietNam Veterans Memorial. I highly doubt anyone was explaining to anyone in attendance here the difference between the holidays.

So take time today to think about Veterans, all of them - those of the Greatest Generation that are still among us, their fellow service members who they lost. Buy a dinner or a beer for a Veteran and his family, even take the time to honor those that are no longer with us, for they are Veterans too. We don't need a holiday to do any of that really. If we get all wrapped up in arguing with each other (even if someone is right) we lose sight of what is really important. Our anger takes hold of us and that is not honoring anyone.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Mommy and Me Monday w/ Really, Are you Serious?

I haven't linked up with Krystyn in awhile over at Really, Are You Serious? and I thought my efforts to blog as much as possible in November (I fear my original plans to blog every day might have been to lofty a goal) would be the perfect time to resurrect my participation in the Mommy and Me Monday link-up. We as moms are almost always behind the camera and this link-up forces you to think about getting in front of that camera with your littles, making those memories right alongside them. So here's some of my most recent "Mommy and Me Moments".

 me and my lady bug, during our family vaca to Williamsburg, VA

 Yorktown Beach, a pleasant locals beach that we spent the day at

Phil-Phil and I in front of the West Virginia State Capital. 
Photo courtesy of my oldest

stop by and link up with Krystyn and pay a visit to some of the other mommies
getting in front of the camera today

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Visiting Busch Gardens with Kids *Williamsburg* #BGMomAmbassador2014


This year I am so honored to be a MomCentral Ambassador for Busch Gardens here in Williamsburg, Virginia for the 2014-2015 year. We have never has the pleasure of visiting the park, although I had heard from many people (including my mom) how wonderful it is. Having not been on a "family" vacation for almost eight years - you know, the kind where you are just going away as a family and not going to visit family - we thought that this was the perfect time to do it. Our summer was rather crazy so we settled on an "End of Season" getaway to Williamsburg. We stayed at the lovely Williamsburg La Quinta with our Military Gold Card and set out on our adventure to the park.

Before I get on to my tips for visiting with kids, lets start with talking about the theme park itself. Its a beautiful park, with probably the most amazing customer service/attendants I have seen since first discovering Chick-Fil-A. They were wonderfully kind to my children, helpful and fun. One of the most surprising parts was the carnival games sections. We never felt cheated or taken advantage of and the pricing wasn't overkill. The attendant even switched out our winnings when some of the kids realized they had a different kind or color they wanted, no questions asked.

The park is extremely clean, the food areas great (although the bees, sheesh, so many bees in one place), and even the cost of the on-site food wasn't absolutely terrifying. There were enough rides to keep everyone happy and the rentable strollers were pretty cool. We also happened to be in the park just at the beginning of their Hall-O-Scream! *scary!* It was actually really cool and made me wish that hubby and I could have stayed for that part. It was obviously meant for adults, but again we were pleasantly surprised how the actors curbed their behaviors when small children were around. A+++ job Busch Gardens!

 on the tram from parking to the park

 getting our heights checked for the rides - BG's color guide makes it so easy

 the kids' first ride in Seasame Street Place

 Can't believe my cautious first-born went on this!

 yet another ride I'm amazed he went on!

 the park is sectioned into "Country" themes. They are beautiful to look at.

 some of the gardens in England. Beautifully designed and decorated

some of the fall/Halloween decorations

Tips for Visiting Busch Gardens with Kids and On a Budget

1. Stroller rental, while convenient is kind of expensive. With lots of scheduled breaks even my two-year old 
walked around for the eight hours we were there. So bring your own or chance it. If you are economizing the rest of your trip, springing for the rental could fit into your budget.

2. While food is available, I love that Busch Gardens has taken into consideration budgeting for families. In each of the parking structures there are picnic tables that are lovely. These are easily accessed with the tram system. So bring your cooler and take a break from the park to eat your homemade meals.

3. Visit on a Sunday. While we went at the very end of the season, after Labor Day, apparently Sunday is
a great day to go. The park isn't quite as busy as it is Saturday, and we didn't really have to deal with lines. So attending in the off season, and on Sunday will be our MO from now on, at least until the kids are older.

4. Study the park map and circle all the rides you will be able to go on. We didn't do this ahead of time and we walked around to some locations where there really weren't any rides for us to go on. The park is great
and measures the kids, bands them, and then gives you a color-coded paper with the names of the rides you can go on. Save walking time by figuring this out before-hand.

5. Take advantage of some of the built-in rest areas! Through-out the day we took advantage of the play areas, with benches, or places for us to watch the kids get out some energy and hang out. There's a air tram that goes between the different countries and a climbing area in the Sesame Street Place. There is also a splash park in Sesame Place that we didn't know about. Bring a swimsuit and towel for the kids and take a splash break!
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Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween and Motherhood

You ever have one of those holidays where try as you might things are just off. You have a great time and the kids seem to be happy but your little mom dreams of perfection are dashed in an instant. First off, it serves me right for having one of those "Pottery Barn Kids" dreams. You know the kind. Everyone is perfectly dressed, smiling and organized for the one picture that will end up in the scrapbook or facebook. You think that somehow that picture is the memory and you want it so desperately? Yeah, that was me. It was the craziest of days. My parents had been here for almost two weeks at that point, I had to figure out two birthdays and Halloween. I know the kids don't care, but for some crazy reason I do. I mean seriously, its so ridiculous. Please tell me I'm not alone in this? I mean, look at them. They are so happy, and had a wonderful time. Me on the other hand I let it drive me crazy. We never went to the pumpkin patch (sickness plagued us), we got our pumpkins on the 30th at like 8pm.

But yet, in spite of my crazy my children were happy and had fun. We were blessed with wonderful friends, and lucky enough to have our family here to spend the time with us. Yet, there I was being crazy mom, wanting everything to be perfect and look perfect. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy as mother. We compete against each other, what we think we should be, say and do. But yet, our own insecurities and self-doubt wage the strongest war against us.

All I have to do is look at my children, and remind myself that they are happy and that is truly all that matters.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rhe's Bookshelf - Brave Mom


In Brave Mom, Sherry Surratt, president and CEO of MOPS International, shares honestly and openly about the fears every mom struggles with. From worry about your child’s safety and health to wondering if you are a good parent, to fears about your marriage and loss of self-identity, Sherry comes alongside every mom with practical, real, and hopeful help for these common fears that we’re all afraid to talk about.
The 10 most common mom fears are each covered in their own easy to read chapter, made up of stories of real moms and the help and answers they found. Filled with advice and insight from Sherry and the hope and grace found in God’s wisdom, Brave Mom gives moms everything they need to leave fear behind and live the admittedly messy life of parenting with confidence and joy. Each chapter also contains a prayer for moms to help them turn their fears over to God’s protection and care.
As the mom experts, MOPS provide moms around the country a connection to other moms, practical help to move ahead, and the warmth and grace of God’s love.

About the Author
As the CEO at MOPS International, Sherry Surratt is excited to work with dedicated folks who trade their lives daily to invest in moms and families. She is passionate about helping women step into their influence and change the world, whether it’s in the office or in the incredibly important role of mom to their kids. Sherry lives in Denver with the love of her life, Geoff, and has two wonderful kids, Michael and Brittainy, beautiful daughter-in-law Hilary, and her two gorgeous grandchildren.


Full disclosure, I love MOPS. I'm a huge fan. In fact I'm such a huge fan that finding a MOPS group is easily in the top three things I do when I move somewhere new. As a military spouse finding common ground with women starts at church and at MOPS. I am beyond blessed that I have found that each time I've moved. The MOPS organization has been a part of me since I was sixteen years old, when I began volunteering in the Moppets program. It has followed me through adulthood, marriage and now with children of my own. It is an organization for every women. This book had been on my "to-read" list, so when I was presented with the opportunity to review it of course I took it.

What I love about this book is the "realness" woven throughout. I know that sounds cliche', but we don't have enough of that in our world today. Parenting and mother in general is put out there on Facebook in a less than acurate way. Not that people are lying but very rarely do people post pictures of the chaos or horridness of their day. I'm lucky to have several friends who are keeping it real and I strive to do that within my own life, both IRL and virtually. My kids are perfect, my house is messy, I'm almost never a gourmet chef and sometimes I do and say the wrong thing in front of my children.

Sherry Surrat talks about all these things in the book, while focusing on the MOM FEARS that I think is behind all those things. I'm afraid my children won't grow up to be the best human being's they can is a real fear of mine. How do I know what will happen? Will they make the right choices in life. Will they make their choices or simply just follow blindly what I say and believe. Because frankly I don't want them to do either.

Surrat's voice in the book is one of familiarity. You can imagine sitting and having these conversations on our couch with a cup of coffee, as if you were best friends. That is what makes this book so wonderful. Sometimes the added stories really broke of the flow of the book for me, and I skipped them in my initial reading. When you have a flow going, go with it. I've already passed this book on to a friend to read (she's in MOPS with me also). While nothing in this book is necessarily a game changer or world-rocker, I almost feel like that is the point. The presentation is what makes this book important and different. We need to read stuff like this. Stuff we already know deep down in hearts to be true, but have a really difficult time remembering during those crazy diaper-changing, potty-training, messy house days.

4 out of 5 Stars

*I received this book in partnership with BookLook Bloggers. I was not compensated in any other way. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own. Take them, or leave them.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Military Monday : VA Caregiver Support

On this "Military Monday" I am excited to bring to you some information about VA Caregiver Support. Its a fairly new thing to come across my "desk" and I was excited about sharing the information with you. Having several Caregivers in my life I have seen the intense effect that the life can take on them. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like. Thankfully, there are so many new programs and groups are taking shape to really drive the education and care concerning the caregivers of our Veterans. While the Elizabeth Dole Foundation really has emerged as a non-profit really revolutionizing how we view and care for caregivers, the VA is also taking a multifaceted approach. And while I haven't done extensive research on their programs I found it interesting enough that I wanted to share with you all.

 VA Caregiver Support Logo

Please spread this info around. The more hands it is in the more good it has the potential to do. Do you know a Caregiver, encourage her/him, ask how you can best help them, pray for them if you are the praying type. Offer to participate in support activities (like the ones listed below) with them.

November is National Caregiver's Month (as well as National Military Families Month) and in recognition of that the VA Caregiver Support Program is holding meditation calls throughout the month. A social worker will be online four times a day to go through the process with you and other caregivers who call in.

There is also a great series entitled Care for the Caregiver, designed to aide caregivers in establishing tools and strategies to balance the demands of caregiving. This is so exciting as well. From the limited experience I have with the Caregiving community I know their lives are a whirlwind, and can be extremely difficult. I notice an upswing in available programs, research, education and support in this area, even from several years ago.  I would be interest to see if what I notice is correct, so please share if you have first hand experience. I wonder if many caregivers have the ability or even the thought process to sit down and participate in these types of things; or if they really are that new that caregivers even from a couple years ago didn't have knowledge or access to these types of things.

I almost wish that military spouses could, and would be encouraged to, participate in things like this. Being prepared for anything would be so beneficial. Granted, you don't know how you will be when you are in the throws of a life-changing event, but at least a little information could go a long way.

For more information on the VA Caregiver Support programs I mentioned here, and others visit the VA's website here. You can also visit the tab up top with compiled information for caregivers and families of the wounded.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's Saturday, so time for a Book Challenge Check-In!

This is my third year of the Goodreads Book Challenge and I uped my numbers this year. Two years ago I was a miserable failure..I guess having a baby and moving across country messed with my book-reading mojo. As a result, last year I set the bar a little lower then normal and exceeded it. If you participate in a book challenge please leave a comment or link me to your Goodreads or blog. I love finding out what other people are reading. I get my best suggestions from there, friends and Pinterest of all places. I'm a succor for the 100 Books To Read Before You Die list. I just came across this, Gilmore Girls inspired list and I am dying to jump into it. Make sure to check out my "Rhe's Bookshelf" tab for reviews, and visit my goodreads account by clicking on the challenge link below. And don't forget, share your book posts, blogs or accounts in the comments.

Books 1-25 of my 65 2014 book challenge

 A Story Unfinished by Matt  Mooney   A SEAL's Seduction by Tawny Weber Lonesome Cowboy by Debbie Macomber Texas Two-Step by Debbie Macomber Back in Service by Isabel Sharpe
Rescue My Heart by Jill Shalvis A Hero to Come Home To by Marilyn Pappano Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia A Perfect Evil by Alex KavaBreaking Point by Lindsay McKenna
Navy Rescue by Geri Krotow His Woman in Command by Lindsay McKenna A Mother's Secret by Amy Clipston The Global War on Christians by John L. Allen Jr. Murder at the FBI by Margaret Truman
 The Returning Hero by Soraya LaneSplit Second by Alex Kava  The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks Murder in Georgetown by Margaret Truman Murder in the CIA by Margaret Truman
Seasons of Tomorrow by Cindy Woodsmall Jane Austen Girl by Inglath Cooper The Healing Quilt by Wanda E. Brunstetter Steel Will by Shilo Harris Falling for Her Soldier by Ophelia London

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