Cammo Style Love: September 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Alexander and the Terrible Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day *giveaway*

Who as a kid remembers this book? I know I do.  I think its part of every kid's growing up, or it should be anyhow. When Disney announced that they were doing a movie based off this book I was super excited. It has an allstar cast and I believe my eight year old would think this movie is hilarious!  If by some crazy reason you do not know about this fantabulous book and movie, here's a little run down for you:

Alexander's day begins with gum stuck in his hair, followed by more calamities. Though he finds little sympathy from his family and begins to wonder if bad things only happen to him, his mom, dad, brother, and sister all find themselves living through their own terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

In celebration I have some really fun movie swag to give away! To win simply leave a comment telling me either your favorite children's book to movie adaptation or what book you'd love to see turned into a movie.

Good Luck!!!
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Okay Tuesday - Tales of Real Life Housewifedom *Link-Up with Airing My Dirty Laundry*

Airing My Dirty Laundry

Happy Tuesday Ya'll! I'm back after a terribly lacking blogging week, but I have an excuse.  My in-laws were here and we were taking in some of the sights!  This is a perfect segway however....

- it's okay that I have basically done nothing around my house - cleaning, organizing, putting things away

- it's okay that I have about a million and one emails to go through

-it's okay that we are going on vacation at the end of the week and I'm not even close to ready (see number 1)

-it's okay that after several days off hubby is back to work and I miss him terribly!

- it's okay that I'm going through Geocaching's a real thing, I swear.  Mr. Air Force and I just started doing it and now I'm going through withdrawls after one day

Go link up with my fellow Air Force Spouse Blogging Pal over at Airing My Dirty Laundry. She has a great blog and you can link up with this post every week!

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Ripley's Believe It Or Not - Baltimore, Maryland

If you've never been to a Ripley's you need to go!  They are so cool and fun for the whole family.  We've been to several and they are all so different, with neat things that each museum call their own.  I'm excited to tell you all that Ripley's is in Baltimore now! You can find located in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  Have you ever been to the Inner Harbor?  We were able to go last year to check out the Aquarium, and I instantly wished I had allotted more time to spend just looking around. It is going to be great to have another fun museum to check out while visiting Baltimore, and is going to be the perfect place to take the kids.  I imagine my eight year old is going to absolutely love love love this place!

A little about Ripley's Believe it Or Not, Baltimore

Come see over 15,000 square feet of the odd and weird world of Ripley's Believe It or Not! where truth is stranger than fiction. See a real shrunken head, Hogwarts Castle made of matchsticks and much much more! Along with incredible artifacts and artwork from all around the world and over 100 "interactive" take a ride on our 4D Moving Theater and get lost in our Marvelous Mirror Maze. You can also take home your very own wax hand that you create. Ripley's has been proudly freaking out families for over 90 years. Why just say it, See it!

**I've got a little treat for my readers as well!!

Buy Two Attractions, Get the Third One Free! Code: USFAM®ionid=387

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Social 119 - Current Favorites

This week's Sunday Social is all about my current favorites.  If you've never participated in a Sunday Social you are missing out. It's lots of fun and I always find great blogs to read, and some time to catch up on some of my favorites.  Make sure to come back to my blog for the Rewind 365 link up! In the meantime you can link up with this month's until then. It's a fun little link-up of my own creation that I'm trying to get going. So please join in and spread the word!

1. Favorite Scent
My all time favorite scent in general is Tommy cologne, by Tommy Hilfiger. Hubby has worn it for forever, since high school.  I love it and I can't get enough of it. So many good memories attached to that smell

For me its a toss up between Love Spell, which is the purple body spray from Victoria Secret; Lavender Honey scent from Bath and Body Works and Beckham, Victoria Beckham's perfume.  I love perfume so if you have a favorite tell me!

2. Favorite Food

I've been in a "cooking new food" kick recently, as well as doing a lot of things from scratch (homemade enchilada sauce - what?!!  My friend recommended these Garlic Noodles from Budget Bytes, which are absolutely amazing!! I made some substitutions, gluten free and otherwise, so stay tuned for that post on the blog. This is my new favorite food! I'm going to have to resist from making it all the time.

3. Favorite Sound

Currently, its this little guy!  He's my little buddy in general, but since its been just me and him during the day its been a whole new level of fun.  We have the best conversations and he just cracks me up.

4. Favorite Picture Currently on Your Phone

It's a toss up to pick?!

This is my little man and his newest little pal Rowan. Rowan's mommy and I have know each other for almost 30 years (whoa!!).

This pick was our most recent family outing.  These are cherished moments since the
kids and I usually experience this type of thing by ourselves. Go Nats!!

5. Best Memory of the Year So Far

Seriously, the hardest question.  I'm not really sure.  Finally getting to go inside the Washington 
Monument is probably right up there.  I posted about that here.
We'll see what else the year has in store for u!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Visiting the Washington Monument with Kids - DC/NoVA Adventures

We have been waiting since we moved here to go in the Washington Monument.  My oldest son has just been chomping at the bit to do it.  If you ask him what his favorite place in DC is, he would answer with this landmark. I have to admit, the fact that it just hangs out in my backyard is still probably the coolest thing. Its something you see on tv, in movies, documentaries, even in books that I read as a child {The Bobbsey Twins in Washington D.C.}.  Then, you move to where it is and its just there for you to see whenever you want. As you may or may not know the monument was damaged in the earthquake that occurred here a couple years ago. We've watched it being repaired in various ways, the coolest for the kids being when they put all the lighted scaffolding up.  It seemed like it had been up there forever.  But the time finally came....

We purchased our tickets online and way in advance.  This was mostly because everyone and their brother wanted to get in during the first few days of it opening, which I completely understand. You may a very small fee, like two dollars a ticket, when you would usually visit completely free. Visiting the monument during the summer without purchasing before hand could go either way.  If you're looking to get in for free I would show up early to the gift shop because they are first come, first serve. I personally like the convenience of purchasing online for the exact date and time I want. The visit is not a long one, but you have to show up early to get in line because they go by groups and load you into the monuments "waiting room" of sorts, near the elevators inside. The kids loved it, even Phillip.  You look out the windows, there are old pieces of the monument to touch and various other historical things to read and check out.  On the way back down you get to check out all the donated placemarkers that line the inside of the monument. There's also a "Stair Way Tour" you can take, which is on Mr. Air Force's and my bucket list.

If you are going with kids I definitely recommend picking up the Junior Ranger booklet.  We try to get these wherever we go.  It provides an education experience and the kids usually get a patch or pin marking the occasion.

For more information on the Washington Monument visit the National Park Service's website on it or leave questions here for me to answer.

If you are looking for tips for being a tourist with kids, check out my Five Tips post, here.
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Make-Up by One Direction *review*

If you haven't heard of the new make-up line recently put out by One Direction, you can check out this post for all the details on the different collections and where you can get them. In the meantime I have one of the sets to share with you here on the blog.  After getting over my initial disappointment over the fact that whoever packed my set smooshed the perfect point of my lipstick (is that not the worst ladies), I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this set. I will say that some of the items are a bear to get out of the tin, and what the heck am I going to do with the stencils (clearly designed for a younger market, although I might use it for Halloween); but overall the make-up is excellent quality and the mix of colors in my particular set was great.

So above we have the tin and my smooshed lipstick {sad panda}. The tin is cute, but it makes getting the make out kinda hard.

 The eyeshadow comes in this cute little compact and I'm loving the top right and the gold.  The top right looks brown, but as you can tell in the picture on the right {bottom color} it's got a coppery tone to it. Gorgeous!!! The gold color in the middle is strange.  It isn't a powder shadow like the others in the set.  It has a putty type texture and goes on with a definite shimmer.  It doesn't feel heavy after it is applied, and has a wet feeling at first.

Above is the lipstick {top color}, the lipstick with the gloss over it {middle} and the eye liner/shadow pencil.
The eye-liner/shadow pencil is a wider pencil, so its not really designed for lining. The lipgloss and lipstick have a more orange-y appearance, but on my skin-tone appears more pink-y.  The lip gloss comes on a flat brush, which is kinda odd (my first experience with that), but it goes on really nice.

 Lastly, the nail polish. I'm a polish snob, and I am also a little bit of a hoader. This polish seems clearly designed to be an overlay, as most glitter's appear to be.  However, it has some decent coverage and I didn't mind it as a simple, all by itself, polish. The set also comes with mascara, which is a black color and is really nice.  I wouldn't have expected such a nice mascara to come in a set like this. I recently purchased a terrible mascara, from a really nice brand, that wasn't cheap.  1D Mascara saved the day.

Here I am with the ever-adorable Mr. Air Force modeling the make-up.
As you can tell it definitely gives off a natural vibe, at least the set that I have. The tin includes
several options for the make-up, and how to apply the shadow. I used one of their suggestions.

Find out more info, and pictures, by visiting Make-Up by One Direction on Facebook!

This is a sponsored post brought to you by BrandBacker and Markwins. I was compensated with product, but as always my thoughts and my opinions are my own.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sunday Social Week 118

hey ya'll! Welcome to another Sunday Social, one of my favorite link-ups.  Thanks Ashley and Neely for a great time. If you've never done one of these before join in for the fun.  I have found some of my most favorite blogs doing this, and there's always a good turn out. Have fun, stay awhile and welcome to my little corner of the world. Check out my monthly link-up that I'm just starting up.  Its called "Rewind  365".  Once a month we post about where we were that day, week or month last year.  Looking back is always so much fun, so make a post of your own.

1. 5 things you want us to know about you
Well, aside from what you see over there on my sidebar, I'm a volunteer and am involved in my church
and my children's school.  I'm a former ballet dancer who has recently gotten a huge itch for it again. I have a secret desire to write a book and I huge book collector (new and old - its a sickness really).
2. 5 favorite things about blogging
meeting new people and learning. The group of milspouses that I have had the honor to meet 
through this whole adventure has been amazing.  I've been touched by so many lives its incredible!
3. 5 things you are doing before the year is over
 We are going on a little family vacation, just the five of us. 
Busch Gardens Christmas Town
Hopefully make it to my first Medal of Honor Ceremony as Press (I keep missing them)
Finally do some real thrift store hunting.  I've been here almost three years and I still haven't done that!
4. 5 favorite fall fashion staples
Black Wool Jacket
Skinny Jeans
Riding Boots
Boyfriend Cardi Doc Marten Mary Janes!
5. 5 favorite beauty products
1. Rimmel Lash Excelerator (seriously can't find another mascara as good)
2. Almay Color Match make-up (cover-up, powder, liquid make-up - its all good)
3. Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss.  Oh my heavens its the best.  Lasts a long time, great colors and 
its a good gloss/lipstick combo ----> if you need a consultant or want to try anything mine's amazing! Check out her site here
4. Simple Eye Make-Up remover - best stuff and its simple, lol, hence the name
5. Julep Oxygen Nail Treament - I've tried and used a lot of different stuff for my nails.
My nails have always struggled, and even when I finally stopped biting them it was hard to get them to grow.
This stuff is literally magic! Use my link and you will get a promo code for a free welcome box! Right now this is my only subscription box, that's how much I love it. I skip it whenever I want and its not big deal. I love a box like that.
Thanks for stopping by.  Can't wait to read everyone's stuff, especially your beauty product favs! 

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Apps for Kids: Kids Academy Educational Apps

I love apps, I'm addicted.  Having an Iphone obviously feeds that habit, or created it.  I'm not really sure at this point. None the less, here we are.  With a huge amount of Apps out there you could spend days picking and choosing apps, trying to decide which one is a good one for your child. When I have the opportunity to check them out I make sure to share that with other moms; make a little dent in the mom to-do list.

Kid's Academy is the creator of apps made just for the education of our little ones. These apps are highly rated, including being an Editor's Favorite from Appysmarts, which has lots of great app reviews. The apps are available on IPhone/IPad, Adroid, as well as through Amazon and for Nook.

I was able to review their Kindergarten Learning app, Learn to Read and Write app and Kid's Puzzles app.

All of the apps have wonderful colors and imagery.  An adorable dog and owl take the kids through mazes, rhyming words and their letters.  Kids learn to shape the letters in an easy and fun way. My two year old was able to navigate the app, with only minor instruction and assistance throughout.  They also kept the attention of my five year old. The large age range in an app is important for me.  Its something I typically look for before a) I'm cheap and can't go around throwing money at apps - and frankly I don't want to; and b) I'm not going to eat up all the room on my devices with stuff for my kids.  Not only do the apps have to be affordable, but accomplish a lot to be something I will download.  Even if its free, if it doesn't meet the second criteria its not for me.

Kids Academy apps meet both requirements and I appreciate that.  You get a lot of bang for your buck in a free app; and if you are typically someone who looks to purchase educational apps for your kids, then Kids Academy provides you those at a relatively good price-point. It also keeps track of what your kids are doing and keeps you up to date on how they are doing as their playing.

These apps get a five out of five rating from me for a couple of reasons:

1) price is good -the paid version is affordable at $2.99, however you get a 
reasonable quality for the free version if that's what you choose.

2) the sound is pleasant and not annoying - I can't tell you how many apps I've deleted
because I cringe every time I hear them come on.

3) It is user friendly for a wide range of ages

4) the animation and colors used are fun and interactive for kids

More apps I've reviewed 

**This post contains affiliate links
**this review was done in partnership with Sverve. This is sponsored post and review, and I was compensated for my time. As always my reviews containing my thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rewind 365 September 2014

On the first Thursday of the month come join us in 'Rewind 365'!
It can be something you posted on your blog a year ago, a memory, a photo or even a video taken  a year ago!
This is what was going on with me a year ago:
So What Happened With You A Year Ago Today? Join in and "Rewind 365" days and tell us what you were up to A Year Ago Today!
It's all simple:

1. Follow me!  2.Tweet your post and tag me @RheChristine #rewind365 3. Create a Post with a picture, a memory, or even a previous blog post from 1 year ago, make sure you include our button so we have more people joining every week. 4. Leave your link below!

Hopefully I'll be able to resurrect this little post here.  I always think its fun to look back on where you were the last year, how big the kids have gotten.  Occasionally I'll even come across a really sweet memory that I haven't thought about in awhile.  So, the point is its really fun and you know you wanna!!

This month we were celebrating a fun event done by Blue Star Families called Books on Bases.  There was crafts and facepainting and book reading.  The kids absolutely loved it and it is one of the coolest things BSF does.  I am actually getting ready to do one at a local base here in a couple weeks so it should be exciting.

And just for fun I thought I'd post last year's First Day of School picture.  Look at my little first grader! Las year he wanted to be a meteorologist. While he is still a super huge fan of the weather, you should check out what he wants to be this year on my New Beginnings post, as part of my 2014 Blogger Challenge, which I've totally been slacking on this summer.

so that's where we are and where we've been!  grab a button and join in the fun all month!  Link up and tweet #Rewind365 and tag me!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Beginnings - She's a Big Girl Now!

New Beginnings, is a good way to look at complete and utter, totally overly-dramatic sadness.  But seriously, I sent my little girl off to school.  I sent her out into the world, all day, without me. sigh. She was so excited and so ready to begin this exciting adventure.  My older son has been the sweetest ever, excitedly filling her in on what to expect and offering to walk her to her class this morning all by himself.

 she wants to be a baby doctor....I love that

She picked out her outfit and woke up even before my alarm went off.  She came home excited and told me everything with the sweetest look on her face.  Little did she know, only a couple hours before I was bawling my eyes out in the shower. oiy!!!

She was ready, and I know that; but that doesn't mean I was.  No, not by any stretch of the imagination was I ready for this.  I wasted away my summer, ignoring what was coming.  My baby was going to Kindergarten.  When my oldest went to school I was sad, really sad.  I remember crying, but this was different.  I'm one step closer to being done.  And while I realize that I still have like three more years before all of them are in school that doesn't mean I'm able to shove those thoughts out of my head.  On any given day I would characterize myself as an emotional person.  I usually wear them on my sleeve and don't attempt to hid them.  Age has only slightly improved that.  One of my more popular posts is "How Do You Know?" where I lament over the fact that I realize that we are done but I don't feel it.  This undoubtedly is one of the reasons while sending my little girl off to school has been so difficult.

The best big brother in the whole world.  I'm a lucky momma!

New Beginnings is what I titled this post, mostly because it fits in with the theme of Blogger Challenge 2014.  Its a chance to new beginnings though isn't it?  Simple days with my littlest guy, exploring and learning.  Taking naps with him and getting in all those snuggles that he so loves to give. This time is a gift, and I intend to make the most of it.

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