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Monday, March 3, 2014

Finding Your Inner Writier with Now Novel *review*

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Writing a book has been something that has been on my "list" for several years.  Ideas have come and gone, pages have been written, tossed, and written again; but nothing has ever stuck.  Whether it be the kids, another kid, crazy Mr. Air Force work scheduling issue or just life in general, it just hasn't happened.  Then I came across Now Novel.  It is perfect for someone who wants a little something else in their writing experience. 

Some people have been known to go old school, write on a type-writer, some can hole themselves away in their office, or bedroom, and type out their thoughts on their computer.  Now Novel does it a little differently.  It's like a full-fledged support group, on top of being a place to write.  It keeps track of your word-count and overall progress right there on the side panel.  There's a blog, forum and even a place to get some of your worked critiqued, and no one would have to know who the heck you were.  That is pretty cool.  That is one of the parts I absolutely dread about writing.  Submitting that work to someone to edit it.  I know that I'll have to do it eventually, and submitting it to someone I know has both good and bad points.  For one, its kind of nerve wracking to basically soul your perverbial soul to someone (okay, maybe not that dramatic).  I'd always be wondering what they thought of me, if they thought I was crazy, whether it was awful...would they really tell me the full truth?  So much stress right?  For those you ( like me!) who enjoy watching things being explained, here' s short video about the Now Novel process.

Some other cool things about Now Novel is that it really helps almost anyone to write a book.  Some people, like myself, don't have extensive training or a college education that has to do with writing.  However, what many people do have is a story to tell.  You want to be able to put all your words on paper in a way that reads well to a large audience.  Not everyone will like it obviously, different strokes for different folks, but you want to be able to put your words down in the right way.  A way that will get the most out of it.  With this very cool website they can help you develop your book with a blueprint and expert guides.  Help you get that jumble of thoughts out and looking organized. 

All that being said, Now Novel doesn't come cheap.  You did get a portion for free, you can create your mood, find your central idea and test that it is the way you want to go.  After that you have to pay for the program.  With that you get access to everything, all the time, as well as a mentor to help you through the process.  There are different levels of programs you can purchase, based off what you believe your needs will be.  For the DIY Writer ( knows what they want and doesn't need a lot of support) you are looking at $99 for six months, no editing and no mentor.  The programs go progressively up to $599.00 for six months which gets you your mentor, phonecalls with them and editing of up to $3,000 words a month.  So there's something for everyone.  The FAQ section has a lot of information in it and answered many of my questions about the program.

All in all its a super neat and very unique program.  I could see purchasing something like this if I was super committed to writing and knew that I could finish it in six months; or maybe if I didn't have three small children running around and was litterally watching my time and money disappear before my eyes.  But you get what I'm saying.

If you're serious about book writing, and have the cash to do this program I think it would be an awesome opportunity.

Any of my readers writing or considering writing a book?! I'd love to hear about it.  What genre?
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