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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Tacky Box - a parenting tool that is fun for kids!

As a parent I am always looking for unique and creative ways to instill values and morals in my children.  To not only lead them by example but to actively involve them in this life.  Children learn by example, it's not inate within them to necessarily do the right thing.  In the battle of their personalities they want immediate gratification, and will respond accordingly.  Why do you think small children without verbal abilities hit and throw temper tantrums?  wouldn't you want to if you could adequately explain how you were feeling?  I totally would.  There are literally days where I feel like just throwing myself on the floor.  Seriously right?!  Can I get an "amen"!!??

I had the opportunity to check out a unique parenting tool called "The Tacky Box," created by mom, Chris Kent Phelps.  One of the main reasons why I love it is because it is kid focused completely.  The children are involved in the creation of the box, they can personalize it any way they want and they get to be involved in the story of the box.  It isn't simply me just telling them what to do, which we all know doesn't always work out well.  No, The Tacky Box is more than that.  Really what sets it apart from a lot of things is the package as a whole.  Having a book that goes along with it, to tell the story, to be the example makes this a great took for your family.  


The Tacky Box story, written and illustrated by Chris' mom, tells the stroy of Margo or Max (depending on whether or not you ordered your box for a girl or a boy.  Margo and Max learn how make positive choices.  The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, in a water-color type style.  My daughter enjoyed the book and has already asked me to read it again.  She then sat down to create her own tacky box with her coloring crayons.  I'm guessing our tacky box will be a continuing project.  She has already added some stickers that she's gotten to it.  It is what you make of it.  You have to set the tone for your family.  You can not simply burchase a book and a wooden box and home for it to accomplish anything for you.  It's only a small tool for your family; a way to mix it up.


I definitely would recommend this as a fun way to actively engage your children.  To help you instill the values that you hope they will choose to carry on.  To help them take charge of their own behaviors.


You can purchase your own Tacky Box online, for a boy or a girl.  The set includes the book, box, crayons and a special pad so you can start writing all your tacky things down right away!  Have fun with those boxes.  If you have a tacky box I'd love to see yours.  Tweet me @RheChristine and include #TackyBoxKindness

**I received this item in partnership with the Social Media Moms Panel, in exchange for my honest opinion.  I was not compensated in any other way.  As always my views and opinions are my own.  You can read more information about my disclosure and FTC policies up top, by clicking on the tab.**

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