Cammo Style Love: Sunday Social Week 79

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Social Week 79

Time for one of my favorite times of week!  Sunday Social with Ashley Lately and A Complete Waste of Make-up!

Sunday Social

1. What is the wallpaper on your cell phone?
2. What do you keep beside your bed?
 I keep the books I'm reading and water.  Right now I've got tissues and cold medicine there.  Hopefully
that will be done soon.  I am so over this cold!
3. What is your least favorite chore? 
Definitely the dishes.  I hate doing dishes.  Its so silly because I have a dishwasher.  But I hate it!!  If Mr. AirForce really wants to show me he loves me he will do the dishes for me when he's off.  Love it!!  Putting away laundry runs a close second, but just the putting away part.
4. If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine, what would it be?
probably the whole contacts/glasses thing.  If I could get lasik that would be freaking awesome!
5. What do you do to vent anger?
clean usually, or call my mom.  If I start organizing, hubby's always like, "okay, what's going on?!"
6. What is your favorite holiday of the year and why?
That's tough.  4th of July is right at the top of the list.  I love getting together with friends and family, going to a parade, fireworks.  Its so much fun! Next is Christmas, for probably the obvious reasons.  The tree, the smells, cuddling up with snow and reading a book.


Can't wait to see what everyone else has to say and find some new blogs!!!!

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  1. If you have any anger to vent, I would certainly offer my home to you. ;) Just trying to be helpful (and self-serving)!!! haha

    1. bahhahahha! Amanda...I'll keep that in mind :P

  2. I loathe the dishes! They are the worst chore ever haha.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! For some reason I also start cleaning and organizing when I'm angry. I don't know why because cleaning and organizing are NOT my favorite things!
    -Miranda @ Hurry Up and Wait

    1. Miranda I'm right there with you. Its usually not my fav thing either, but its so cathartic right?! thanks for stopping by

  4. You have the cutest blog! I would say putting away clothes is one of my least favorite too. I don't mind everything else about laundry, but that is always lots of fun... not. And I clean/organize when I'm overwhelmed. At work, when I break out the Clorox wipes, co-workers know I'm getting serious. Haha. :) Am following you back!



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