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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One Lovely Blog Award!

I can't even remember the last time I gave out, or passed along any blog awards....but today seemed like the perfect day for it.  There is so much negativity in the world today; you see it on facebook, on tv, the news.....bullying among children and adults is on the rise.  I recently wrote any article for Homefront United Network about MilSpouse Bullies.  It's crazy.  The blogging world can even get pretty nasty.  Passing on the positivity is one way to effect change.   You won't be able to change everyone, but being a light and radiating positivity is a good way to start...and a good way to keep that blood pressure down.  So, I came across the One Lovely Blog Award and decided I would send some good cheer and positivity to five lovely bloggers that always make my day wonderful...for big and small reasons.

Just a couple rules, and they aren't really rules...just some more fun!
Tell us five random facts about yourself and then spread the cheer around to five
of your favorite blogs!

My Nominees Are:

Sarah has such a wonderful little blog.  She's a pretty fantabulous fashion blogger and she is
one of my daily reads.  She has such a huge following, that my little 'ole blog ain't got nothing on hers, but
just in case you've never heard of her, you should.  I love that her fashion is very accessible; and even someone like me can pull off the looks she shares.

Madeline is a fellow milspouse blogger that is one of my newer daily reads.  She has
been such an inspiration for me with her working out after her daughter and now her working out while she's pregnant.  She's real and I love it!

One of the few, fellow Guard spouses in the blogging world.  Vanessa's blog is full of
inspirational and faith-full posts.  When I need some daily inspiration from a sister in Christ, 
Vanessa is my girl.  I've found so many other wonderful blogs through hers; and she
has really inspired me to be blog more thoughtfully about my faith.

You know those people that you think, gosh, if we were near each other
in real life, we might be really good friends?  Morgan's blog is a fun little place, that is just
my cup of tea.  She blogs about lots of different things, things that strike her
fancy - travel, food, clothing (we share similar addictions), mil-life and now her 
precious little baby bump. 

 Some days I think Jen is my most supportive and faithful reader.  Whenever I think
no one is reading, there's a little comment that pops up from her.
She's funny, and sassy, a runner and an amazing Army Wife.  Some days I think
it would pretty awesome if she were stationed near me. 

It's a fun little eclectic group of my daily reads ya'll!  Although there are about a million more.  So
just in case you're looking, here are some of the other lovely bloggy ladies I share my coffee with in the morning.......
check out 

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  1. Oh dear friend you are so sweet! :) Thank you for being such a wonderful blogger friend and I wish we were stationed near each other!


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