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Friday, August 30, 2013

Preparing For A Little One: Babyproofing your Marriage

Preparing For A Little One

Happy Friday ya'll!  It's the weekend everyone...however not really a weekend for us.  This is our Sunday.  So lame.   This is the final link-up for "Preparing For a Little One."  I'm kind of a little bit sad.  I've had fun thinking about each of the topics, remembering what I did with my kids, what I would have done different.  I really had fun reading the other posts from the link-up, making a connection based on the fact that we had similar ideas.  Our amazing host, Kaitlyn, is about to have her little one and I'm pretty excited about that too!  Babies being's so much fun.  There have been so many wonderful topics in this series.

Our final talking is about Babyproofing Your Marriage.  There's no doubt that children change things.  How could they not?  You have a new little human being that you are responsible for.  You are recovering from the birth experience mentally and physically.  Between lack of sleep and adjusting to things like breast-feeding and maintaining tasks around the house, the whole marriage part might go by the wayside.  Truthfully we are guilty of just hanging out in survival mode.  After three kids and a crazy military career, survival mode can become the mode you live in all the time.  For me, depression was something I dealt with after my 1st and my 3rd child.  PPD can add a whole other element to the equation.  We aren't alone though ladies!  Unfortunately "mommy wars" and "women wars" have ruined a lot of the built in support systems that would otherwise be in place.  Surround yourself with a wonderful support group and you'll be well on your way to recovery both mentally and physically.  Before I give my tips there's also a book and website that I came across with the title of or topic today.  Many of the articles I've read are witty and helpful.  So check out the site for yourself.

Five Tips for Babyproofing your Marriage

1. Get out!  Fresh air can do wonders!  Talking walks by yourself or with your mate can clear the air in your head.  I used to bundle up my littles, grab a coke and a popcorn at target (super cheap) and just walk around.  I know its so hard to not spend money when you are in target.  I know whenever I'm in there I'm like "ooooooo look, shiny....must have!"  Whenever I took the time to go out, either for a walk, or an actual outing I found myself refreshed and more focused when the hubby came home from work.

2. He knows what he's doing.  Even if he doesn't know what he's doing let it go.  Whether it be the actual care of the baby (he doesn't put the diaper on just perfectly, he holds the baby different than you do when feeding or burping) or the care of the house.  If the man offers to do the dishes but loads the dish washer differently, or maybe he cleans the bathroom and just uses Windex on everything...let it go.  If he wants to take the baby while you take a nap, do it and relax.  I'm guilty of it and many of my friends are as well.  Correcting him at every turn will only frustrate him and he'll probably stop helping eventually.  I know I couldn't do it without him and I make sure he knows that!

3. Find a Babysitter and go on a date!  This is one area I've never struggled with.  I actually had a harder time leaving my kids in the nursery at church for the first time then I did leaving them with a sitter.  We use Sittercity and we've never had a problem.  If you're military (including Guard and Reserve) you are eligible for a free account.  You can run free basic background checks as well.  We have about four sitters that we have (day and night ones) and I'm super grateful.  Get involved with a moms group and get recommendations.  Alone time has always been a re-sparker in our marriage.  We recently just left our kids for one night with friends and had a local vacation.   I recommend as regular as you can get date nights (either out or in - rent a movie and make some popcorn), and trying to get away when you can.  We try to do it at least once a year even if it's just for the night.

4. Non-couple time is just as important.  Letting your man have a poker night or your going out with your girlfriends is just as important before baby as it is after baby.  In fact I might argue that it is more important after baby.  Your life is changing for reals, and there's no going back.  If you lose yourself then your marriage will surely suffer.  Before we moved across country Hubby was fairly regular about getting together with a couple of his guy friends.  I try to plan having girlfriends over if hubby is gone, or going out for a drink.  I'm currently planning a girls night for next month.  Maintaining who YOU are whether or not you have kids is so important.  This has always been a priority for both me and the hubby.  This will not only keep your marriage healthy now, but when the kids are grown and gone you will known who you are.

5. Talk about Sex.  After my first baby it was bad.  It was a difficult experience and I had to have a somewhat emergency episiotomy.  The recovery from it was much longer than the normal six weeks.  We didn't really talk about things like we should have.  My husband was and is a saint, and I tell  him that all the time.  It was a rough time in our marriage, but we took measures to not repeat that with the next two.  Acknowledging that he has needs that might be different than yours is important.  We know that all a mommy really wants to do for the first little bit is snuggle that baby and sleep.  But maintaining an emotional and physical connection is vital to a marriage.  Don't be afraid to talk about it, even before the baby.  Talk about your expectations, worries and fears.  You will find yourself closer than you ever thought.

Thanks for stopping by.  Make sure to check out the other blogs, as well as our host, that are linked up for this.  If you're a new follower make sure to let me know.  Also if you have some time 50 of us Military Mom bloggers have been named Top 50 Military Mom blogs by Voice Boks.  Vote for Cammo Style Love or another one of your favorites.  No signing up for anything and it's a one-time vote.  I know all of  us would appreciate your support.

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Year Ago Today

Most every Thursday I try to take a look back on what we were doing a year ago today (or around the day).  If you want to grab the button and post your own feel free and let me know you did!  Thanks for stopping by.

Look at my little munchkins!  Where does time go?  We were clearly enjoying our summer time.  We spent a good majority of it outside...we were adjusting to the humidity and the bugs.  For heaven's sake, the bugs!  It is absolutely ridiculous.  I mean, holy smokes.  This summer is much, much better.  The bugs are a smidge less annoying, we're getting bitten less and the humidity is bearable.  However, I'm pretty sure the humidity is just not as bad this year.  We haven't had 100degrees days this year, I don't think ever.  Maybe once or twice...maybe.  But its been a fairly mild summer.  I'm interested to see what that means for our winter.  My kids were rather disappointed in our winter.  There just wasn't a  lot of snow.  So maybe this year there will be some more snow days for us.

What were you doing a year ago today?
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Monday, August 26, 2013

#militarymonday Bridging the Gap with Community Service

Volunteering and community service is something that I know that is mentioned fairly regularly on my blog.  It's important to me, and I hope to pass that on to my children.  I feel like the spirit of volunteerism has dwindled among our society, but then I notice that more and more high school's are requiring it for graduation, and whole school districts and community beautification day.  But what does that actually mean?  Does that mean that giving back to your community is become more important or does that mean to actually get people to volunteer we have to require it and have special days for it.  I'm not sure which.

This last weekend I joined up with one of my Blue Star Families pals and went to DC for DC Public Schools Beautification Day.  Me and some of my pals spent a good chunk of our day at Jefferson Academy School in South West DC.  It is a beautiful old school, brick with wood floors.  Such a cool old building.  The school had some water damage on some of the upper floors and new teachers were moving in.  Organizing books by reading level and hanging out classroom decorations was the order of the day, and it was a blast.  We even had some fellow military families and some service members come out as well.  It was great.  Giving back to the community, showing the local community that we as military members are invested in our communities no matter how long we may be there, is vital to the Civilian/Military relationship.

Me and my BSF peep Michelle, and two service members

Bridging the gap so that we both understand each other.  In Blue Star Families Military Lifestyle Survey, released early this year, this very topic was one of the most important.  Military families didn't feel understood by their civilian counterparts.  But can we really dump that onto the civilian community?  We are responsible for that relationship just as much as they are, and community service is the way to do it.  In fact, in my opinion, it is the perfect way to do it!  We have all heard and seen stories about military connected individuals walking around with their hands out.  We deserve this, we deserve that.  My husband's job is so dangerous that I deserve to get my bags on an airplane for free.  I'm not denying that all those things aren't nice and wonderful, and on some level "deserved" so to speak.  But walking around feeling as if its owed to you and then throwing a tantrum when you don't get it, doesn't do much for our reputation.  A perfect example is the Sears Heroes registry for a gift card.  At a prescribed time you can register and try to "make it in."  For the past three years this has been nothing but a nightmare.  Spouses flooding the Sears Facebook page saying the most horrible things that one could ever see.  I was absolutely ashamed to be called a military spouse at that very moment.  Every year I tell Sears thank you that I am surprised they continue doing it.  I chastise fellow milspouses in a rant on my Facebook status.  I know I'm being just as ridiculous but I seriously can't help myself.   So can you really blame the civilian population for thinking we are unapproachable and snotty?  I can't.

We do...what do you do?

In an effort to do my part for my military community, my local community and my children I want to give back.  My children will be raised knowing that everyone should do their part.  Bringing them with me to projects is my way of doing that.  Look for events in your area.  Find an area of interest for you and see how your community gives back in that way.  There are many National events relating to service that are held throughout the year.  Coming up next month is the 9/11 Day of Service.  You can visit the website to pledge your service, find local way to give back and more.  Points of Light is another great organization that provides you with ways you can give back.  Simply search your location and an area of interest.  The time is now.

How do you give back?!  Check out Points of Light or the 9/11 Day of Service website to get involved!!

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Rhe's Bookshelf - Robert Griffin III

Seriously right?  A sports book.  I know, I know, it's probably the most crazy thing ever.  This is the very first sports related book that I have reviewed on my blog.   However there are several reasons why I chose it.  First, I'm a local now and RG3 is a Washington Redskin.  Despite the fact that my father raised me as a Niner fan, I find myself wanted to get involved with the local team.  I haven't actually ever lived somewhere where a team physically is located.  Its a different feeling, living where the team actually plays.  It's like being a Kings fan in Sacramento.  Its in the air when there's a game.  We haven't been to a game yet but I want to.  I won't ever give up my love to the 49ers, but I could go for a home team game.  The second reason I chose this book is because he's a military kid, a dual military kid no less.  His mother served 12 years; and his father served 21 years.  It's pretty cool.  He seems to be a decent kid, went to Baylor and so far (even though it hasn't been that long) he hasn't had any incidents that would make me erase him from the athlete idol for my sons.  The truth remains to be seen if he will stand the test of time, both on and off the field, but I have high hopes (for the off field part for sure). 

What's it about:

RG3 explores the athletic prowess, faith, and leadership of the NFL’s hottest star.

Robert Griffin III is a world-class athlete, a Heisman Trophy winner, team captain of the Washington Redskins, and NFL Rookie of the Year. Just twenty-two years old, he has begun his ascent as a game-changing NFL quarterback and living testimony of Christian faith. RG3 goes deep into the pressures of the NFL to showcase this young superstar’s abilities, faith, and leadership.

How does RG3 maintain his competitive edge? How does he deal with the pressure of carrying a historic franchise on his shoulders? Can he take the NFL pounding, week in and week out? What is the likely outcome of his career if he remains a “running quarterback”? How does he balance on- and off-field commitments? What’s his character like? What role does his faith play in all this?

RG3 is a great football book that offers an in-depth look at practices, media appearances, off-field commitments, on-field exploits, and quiet moments of leadership over the course of a season. Peek behind the curtain of an athlete in progress as he seeks to make a world-class impact with his talent and his faith at the same time.

What I thought:

Loved this book!  More then just learning about RG3 I actually learned a lot about the current state of the NFL.  Truth be told I am much more knowledgeable about football back in the day, probably about 10 years ago.  I absolutely learned so much.  This was not only an excellent analysis of the game in general, but the realities of the game today.  It was interesting because I was expecting more of a biography of him, but it really wasn't.  It talked more about his career during high school, a little bit about how his parents chose to raise him.  Ted Kluck is extremely knowledgeable and the way that he is able to write - whether you knew about football or not you would be able to read, understand and enjoy this book.  Like I said it really was a comparison of RG3 and many players of the past and present, comparing how the game was played then and now, and similar ideas.  No one can argue that the game is vastly different then back in the day, like basketball and baseball.  It is difficult to explain more without giving away the book.  I would recommend this book for your husband or son, whether they are a fan of Griffin or not.  This is a great football book in general.  And while "faith" is including in the title, this isn't really a book about faith or necessarily the faith of Griffin, so don't let that concern you if that would make you hesitate in getting the book.

3 out of 5 stars
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Social, Week 64

 It's time for another Sunday Social, my favorite time of the week!  If you've never seen this link-up and/or participated, check it out!  I've found some of my favorite blogs to read on this list.  And, if you've got a spare moment click on that big blue banner on the right there.  49 of my fellow military bloggers have been named the 50 Best Military Blogs out there by VoiceBoks: The Voice of Parenting blog.  Vote for your favorite!!

Sunday Social

1. What do you miss most about being a kid?
There are lots of cool things about being adult, for sure.  However, being a kid is pretty rockin' too.  And I'm talking about the kid-kid age, where you're too young for a ton of responsibility and your life is playing outside with a pretend snail family (yup that was me) or spending the day with Barbie, Ken and their dream house.  I have so many fun memories from my childhood just like that.  Sometimes I think it might be fun to just go play outside without a care in the world.
2. Dd you have a nickname growing up? What was it?
Rheanna Banana and Anna Anna.  The Rheanna Banana is purely a rhyming thing, but the Anna Anna comes with a story.  The church I grew up in was also the church my dad grew up in, consequently many many long time family friends, surrogate parents and grandparents.  This nickname was given to me by a surrogate grandpa, who whenever he saw me would call me Anna Anna...because you know the Rhe part of my name is like 'Re', as in repeat.  Repeat "anna" there you go.  Anna Anna was born.  And to this day I love it.
3. What was your favorite thing to do at recess?
The monkey bars man!  Do you guys remember putting one knee over and then spinning forwards and backwards?  Did anyone else do that?!!
4. What did you want to be when you grew up?
 I wanted to be a ballerina, a singer, a mommy and even just like Mary Kay Ash (you know, like Mary Kay Cosmetics?).  My mom sold Mary Kay for years and years and actually I had written that in on a form or something one day.  My mom copied it and sent it to Mary Kay and she wrote me back.  I still have that.
5. Did you participate in any school activities?
Band!  Whoop Whoop!  Band geek right here.  I played the flute.  Where are all my other band geeks!?!
6. What is the funniest thing you did as a kid that your parents still remind you about?
 Gosh, I wish I could answer this about my sister because there are still ones that we tease her about and are an inside joke.  I'm really trying to think here.  I mean we have stories that we tell about being a kid...but I'm trying to think funny, like a specific story.  I was pretty clumbsy.  Now I'm going to have to ask if there's something that sticks out to my parents at least.  Mom, if you read this, comment!!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Preparing For a Little One - Babyproofing your home

Welcome to another week of Preparing For a Little One (PFALO).  I've truly been loving this link-up.  It helps me write about all the things I've always wanted to, but the list was getting so long that I didn't know where to start.  Even though I'm on the tail end of the "little one" thing I've really enjoyed reading the stories of like-minded mommies.  No matter where you are in life sometimes you just feel like you're alone.  I've been pleasantly surprised to find there are other bloggy moms out there doing things like I do.  It's been a real treat.  Thanks Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals for putting this together. 

Preparing For A Little One

This week's topic is Babyproofing your home.  I'm going to talk about it this from more of a philosophy stand-point then an actual doing.  In our house we babyproof as little as possible.  The philosophy behind that is that we would like to train our children to be able to "handle it" when they are at homes that aren't babyproofed.  Right now someone has a light bulb going off over their head!  It's true, there are some things that I really feel should be babyproofed regardless - chemicals and medicine, rooms with dangerous items that can't be put away and things like that.  It's like a swinging pedulum.  I'd like to be somewhere in the middle.  If you walked into a baby store, or stores with baby items, you might find every babyproofing gadget for every item in your home: door handles, toilets, refrigerators, stove knob covers and the list goes on and on.  People remove magazines from their tables, books and movies from shelves and every cabinet has one of those annoying plastic things that breaks after using it once.  My home however has very few things babyproofed.  Instead we "trained" for lack of a better word, our children to leave those things alone. After about a week (the time frame it usually takes to change or implement anything when it comes to kids) my magazines are on my coffee tables, my knick-knacks our out and no one turns on the stove.

One of my other favorite tips that I've told to lots of my mommy friends is the one drawer/one cabinet rule.  There's always a drawer or a cabinet without rules in my kitchen.  Usually its the tupperare drawer, sometimes its the drawer with their stuff in it (spoons, plates and such).  If I'm cooking, and they are little, they can follow me around in there and keep themselves preoccupied.

So far this has worked for us through three kids, and no major baby-proofing incidents (knock on wood).  What is so great about this, and where I really see the fruits of our labor, is when we go to people's homes that don't have kids or have older children.  Usually we don't have any problems with kids going nuts knocking things over or breaking things, or opening up every single cabinet.  It might be different, but its a formula that has worked for us and I tell everyone I know about it.

Food for thought is always good.

Do you babyproof?  What are your babyproofing tips and tricks?  Any horror stories you want to share?

My past PFALO posts:

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Friday, August 23, 2013

#FitnessFriday - update time!

Happy Friday ya'll!  I know, I know, when was the last time I posted an update on me and my fitness.  It's really been a long while.  So, let's update...

What I've been doing:

Paleo Challenge

For the last six weeks I've been doing a Paleo Challenge. It's a weird Paleo/Whole 30 hybrid type challenge.  I've had a couple cheat days along the way - Mother's Day, my birthday....days when I just needed an ice-cream (I did put fresh fruit on it though I promise!)

I lost six lbs!

My digestive system loves me - lactose isn't my friend and gluten isn't the best, but its not the worst.  My skin is also amazing.

If you are interested in doing something like this I'll be posting some of my favorite recipes soon here.  They got me by.  I'm just really proud I did what I did.  It was so hard but it was an amazing learning experience. I hope to ease up a bit, moderation is the key, but try to live as closely as possible to the idea surrounding the challenge I participated in.

**Because I did this challenge I learned that I can't have gluten.  I haven't been confirmed as having celiacs.  but myself and my youngest son are now living gluten free**


One month of the program and I hurt my knee.  There wasn't a moment where I remember injuring it, but it was just swollen one day.  I tried to be careful, got a brace...but it didn't get better and I started lazing on the working out.  I didn't want to lose momentum though.  One of my bff's here as the 10 Minute Trainer Program.  So right now I'm borrowing that, and being really good about icing and heating my knee.  I mean, how do you rest your knee with three kids six and under?  *can I get an amen from momma's out there*

10 Minute Trainer

my new favorite work out!  I can customize it to fit what I can do during the day.  This proved to be super helpful while the hubby was gone recently.  Some days I found I had more time, so I worked in all three 10 minute workouts, sometimes I only did two.  They were quick and easy and I still felt like I was getting a work out.  I might not have been building muscle mass but it was good stuff.


Holy calorie burner batman!  It is so fun and I try to do this twice a week.

Creative Bio-Science 90 Day Challenge

I finished my first 30 Days of Creative Bio-Science's 30 Day Diet.  This isn't a diet pill.  It contains great herbal extracts like Raspberry Keytones, Lychee Fruit extract and African Mango.  It is designed to help curb your appetite and help increase your energy.  I noticed an immediate change in my appetite.  Combined with my diet and working out I lost the weight I already mentioned.  Now that I'm not as restrictive of a diet and my work-out plan will be changing I'm excited to see if it continues helping me like I think it did.
Check out Creative Bio-Science's website for information on this and many other products they have.

**Disclaimer - I was provided a free 90 Day supply for Creative Bio-Science's 30 Day Diet in exchange for my honest opinion and thoughts on the product.  My opinions are my own.  No other compensation was given.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Walkabout - Perfectly Posh *Review and Giveaway*

Happy Hump Day everyone!  Hope your week is going well.  The count down for the weekend is on, and I know that I'm looking forward to it.  Hubby has some time off and we are looking forward to spending some quality time together.  Hope  you all have a great weekend.  If you haven't already heard the good news about the 50 Blogs that have been named the best of the Military Blogs by VoiceBoks - The Voice of Parenting, I am one of them, although with some amazing blogs that I am an avid fan of.  Make sure to stop by and vote for you favorite!

Today I have a fun little thing for you all.  A little review and giveaway of a product sold by a fellow MilSpouse.  Not only do I love supporting my MilSpouse Entrepreneurs out there, but small business is something I love to support as well.  You have a dream and you do what you need to do to accomplish that.  If that's working at Starbucks or selling a product online, you do it the best that you can.

I'd like to introduce Perfectly Posh and Molly Morgan to you today!

There she is showing off some of the great product!

I received several samples of product to try out.  One of the first things that struck me about it was how adorable the packaging it is.  It is super eye-catching, the names are fun and everything is so colorful.    Perfectly Posh is also an American Made product.  Supporting a locally made product when I can is really important to me.  From there the list goes on.  Perfectly Posh is also paraben and paraffin-free, sulfate free and uses only the best phthalate-free fragrance.  They are natural and gentle even to the most delicate of skin AND they are cruelty-free.  You can find something for everyone with their collection.  Perfectly Posh has hair, skin, lip, foot, baby, young girl and male specific products.  Basically anything you can think of they have.  


Some of my favorite products are part of  the Playing Footsie collection.  The Fabulous Fizzies soothe and soften your tired tootsies, then you can exfoliate with the Rubby Scrubby and finally soothed by tootsies with the Soothing Stick.  My feet are one of my problem areas.  I live in flips, and when I can I avoid putting shoes on my feet.  I blame my mom for that one.  It takes a pretty heavy duty product to take care of my feet.  Sometimes I can find myself being skeptical of more "natural" products.  Unfortunately I've found they just don't work as well.  However, that is completely not the case with this line of products.  It felt good, smelled good and did the trick!

The Lip Scrubs are another fun product. I tried the Make-Out Magic Sugar Lip Scrub.  It smelled amazing.  The product sells for $13 for a .5oz container.  This might seem like a small amount, but you honestly don't need much to put it on your lips.  You don't need to wipe it off either, just put it on and go!

Overall I really like this product, and the company.  The prices are fairly comparable to a similar company.  Body Washes run for about $18 for 14oz and a moisturizer will set you back $20 (but its a night/day one, so you aren't buying one for each time of day).  They have some pretty cool and unique products like The Stripper D Tox body mud mask.  This is an aggressive, detoxifying, mud mask for your body.  Very, very cool.

Find Molly's website and facebook to find out more about her, the products available, to order or maybe host your own Perfectly Posh party!!!

But in the mean time you can win the Lipshot Raspberry Bang-Bang (lip balm)!  Thanks Molly!
Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Preparing for a Little One: How to stay connected to your partner

Preparing For A Little One

Welcome to another installment of Preparing For a Little One.  It hasn't been that long that I've been a follower of Kaitlyn over at Wifesessionals, and I was super happy to find her little corner of the web.  When she discovered she was pregnant it wasn't long before she created this weekly link-up with topics relevant to pregnancy and having a newborn.  It is such a great idea.  Anything in a weekly format is great.  I haven't been able to do it every week but I've participated in a few of the topics:

This week's topic is all about staying connected to your partner.  After three kids, 14 years of being together and 9 years of being married, we're still finding the balance in that.  It's ever changing, and develops over time.  It can fit the needs of wherever you are in your life.  It can be easy and it can be hard.  For me I think its gotten harder with each kid we've had, with each move and with each career path.  But there are things that we've done that have remained consistent over the years.

1. make time in the hospital special

With our first one, I'm going to honest, it was a very difficult delivery and I was so tired I just don't remember a whole lot about the time in the hospital.  However, I do remember that my husband was with me and we spent time together alone, looking at our cute little bundle of joy.  With our last little man we decided to not have anyone at the hospital waiting to come in right away.  While I think that would have been a difficult decision had it been our first one, especially since I'm so close to my mom, with our last one it was important.  We didn't feel rushed or overwhelmed.  Hubby helped with the first bath in our room, we ate a meal together and snuggled with our little man.  Then we brought our older two in the next morning.  If you start off right, making connection of vital importance right out the gate, it will go a long way to preserve that.

2. Don't rush the romance

I guess I mean in a physical way.  With our first born it was a fairly painful and long-term recovery.  I had an emergency episiotomy and the recovery from that was extremely painful and much longer than the six weeks.  My poor sweet hubby was a freaking saint.  I think I fell more in love with him then.  We took the time to hang out with other, we starting reading more together at night, and building the communication romance.  It's easy to get swept away in the stress of the baby and adjusting but if you stay focused on each other, even from the beginning, it will do wonders for your marriage.  

3. You have a life separate from your kids (and that's okay!!)

One thing I have always tried to maintain is my own interests, not just for me, but my husband.  Maintaining a healthy life without our kids, separate or together, has done wonders for us and will continue to do wonders as our children grow older and are around less and less.  I know you must have heard stories of couples that don't know what to do when their kids leave the home.  They don't know each other and they have nothing in common.  They've been so wrapped up in their kids that everything else is a mystery.  Yes, your life must change when you have kids, but letting go of everything else will not keep you connected to your partner or yourself.

Those are the first things that come to my mind, and its always a learning experience, and each child has been a different experience.  But if you keep these things in mind and think of your family as equal parts to a whole pie, you will be a success!  

Thanks for stopping by!!  If you  think my blog is awesome you can vote for my blog! Just check the box next to Cammo Style Love.  Thank you!!!

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Social Week 63 - Blog Hop

It's a new week everyone, which means its time for a Sunday Social!  I missed these link-ups while I was off vacationing in the beautiful Northern California (more to come of that).  So happy to visit some old bloggy friends and maybe find some new blogs.  If you've never linked-up you really should, it's so much fun.

Sunday Social

1. What's something you've never done but always wanted to do?

Gosh, I always wanted to go to another country (aside from Mexico - I went back in the day when you didn't need a passport).  I'm not a super dare-devilish kind of gal, so sky-diving and scuba diving...not for me!

2. Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years all of my kids will be in school.  Whoa!  That's a little weird and slightly emotional to think about.  I'd like to be close to making our way back to California to be near our families, but that can always change.  I'm just along for the ride.  Since the kids will all be in school I'd love to find a job, not sure where exactly that would be.  This last year has just been so crazy, with so many doors opening to me.  Who knows, one of those doors might lead to a paying job one of these days!

3. What are you looking forward to by the end of 2013?

By the end of 2013 I will have run my first 5K and I'm super excited about it.  I'm hoping hubby will be working slightly less and I'm looking forward to maybe having him home for some of the major holidays at the end of the year...which doesn't happen very often.

4. What are your hopes for blog.

I feel like I'm really starting to get the word out to people, not just about me, but really helping the military community.  I'm starting to hear feedbaack from people and interest in helping me highlight and spread the word about programs that are available to military families.  I really want to do more for the National Guard and Reserves community and I just want to be able to reach out to them more.  It's so exciting to think about all the possibilities for my blog, and because of my blog!

5. Do you always see yourself living in your current city/town?

I think we will be here for awhile.  We've been wanting to get here for a really long time and we're finally here.  The adjustment was a lot harder then I expected it to be, but I think I had a recharge after going home to California.  So, in short yes and no.

6. What is your morning routine?

oh gosh!  LOL!  My children are usually my alarm clock, cute ones though huh :)  I get up, start coffee and make breakfast while they are either playing or watching some morning cartoons.  Once I get the coffee started I get their breakfast going.  After they are all settled I finally sit down my little living room, with my coffee, and begin my email/blog reading!!!

Thanks for stopping by!  If you're a new follower, thank you so much for stopping by!  Make sure to let me know so I can make sure the favor is returned.  I've got a button swap going on, so check out my Sponsor/Media Kit tab up top to get a free ad on my sidebar.  And if you think I'm pretty awesome I would love for you to vote for me.  I was named a Top 50 Military Blog by VoiceBoks Parenting Community and I'm super excited!  Just click and check the box next to Cammo Style Love and vote!  Thank you so much!!!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rhe's Bookshelf - Redeeming Love

California’s gold country, 1850. A time when men sold their souls for a bag of gold and women sold their bodies for a place to sleep. 

Angel expects nothing from men but betrayal. Sold into prostitution as a child, she survives by keeping her hatred alive. And what she hates most are the men who use her, leaving her empty and dead inside. 

Then she meets Michael Hosea, a man who seeks his Father’s heart in everything. Michael obeys God’s call to marry Angel and to love her unconditionally. Slowly, day by day, he defies Angel’s every bitter expectation, until despite her resistance, her frozen heart begins to thaw. 

But with her unexpected softening comes overwhelming feelings of unworthiness and fear. And so Angel runs. Back to the darkness, away from her husband’s pursuing love, terrified of the truth she no longer can deny: Her final healing must come from the One who loves her even more than Michael does…the One who will never let her go. 

A powerful retelling of the story of Gomer and Hosea, Redeeming Love is a life-changing story of God’s unconditional, redemptive, all-consuming love.

Includes a six-part reading group guide!

What I thought:

I'm sure many of you have read this book, at least that's how I felt when I first let people know that I was reading this book.  So many of my friends expressed shock that I had never read it, many of them reading it while we were in high school and our early college days.  Even my mom read it.  How did I miss this?!  Frankly, I have no clue how I did.  Francine Rivers is a name that I've heard and seen, and I was surprised to find out that she had previously been a mainstream romance writer.  Trust me, she's got a knack for that particular kind of romance, that is more about the romance and less about anything physical.  I would be willing to bet good money that most women know exactly what I'm talking about and are just as much of a succor for it as I am.  The emotional connection one feels with someone can be more powerful than anything else.  Redeeming Love is just that.  It's an emotional, and spiritual romance novel.  I couldn't put it down.  I was absolutely addicted to it.

The story, it was just amazing.  What kind of love is this?!  It was a beautiful representation of the love Christ has for us.  He never gives up on us!  Ms Rivers painted a word picture like none I've read in a really long time.  It is a rather long book but it didn't feel like it, there was no real slow parts, which is a pet peeve of mine.  Everything that was written mattered to the story.

I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone!  If you have older teenage daughters...yes!!  I'm already looking forward to my next Francine Rivers book.  In the Spring of 2014 Francine Rivers' new book, A Bridge to Haven, which takes places in 1950s Hollywood is being released.  I'm so excited!

5 out of 5 Stars

visit Francine River's blog and facebook
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Doc McStuffins is in the house!!!! "Doc Mobile" tour kick-off

Doc McStuffins might not be in your house literally, but she's in mine.  If you don't know who Doc McStuffins is she's an adorable little girl whose toys come to life and help her fix and take care of any toy that needs their help.  In 2012, Doc McStuffins was cable tv's #1 series for ages 2-5, as well as the #1 TV preschool series in Total Viewers and Woman 18-49 (all those moms out there!).   And to celebrate the shows second season premier, Doc and her friends might be coming to a city near you.  Disney Junior will also be premiering the Doc McStuffins "Doc Mobile" game and other digital activities, on August 30.  Children will be able to create their own doctor avatar, which my daughter will probably go completely nuts for.  The season two premier, will also debut that day in a "special preview" form on the Watch Disney Junior mobile app.  If you haven't downloaded, you can grab it for free.  When it's connected to your cable provider you can watch more things.  However, Disney Junior has a couple episodes on there that are free whether you register or not.  The Cammo Style Love house has been known to take advantage of this great app while out and about.  Now, more about the tour:


The Doc Mobile, a 27-foot Airstream trailer custom-made to reach young kids (age 2-7) and families with fun and empowering experiences relating to health and nutrition will embark on a multi-city tour  SUNDAY, AUGUST 18 in Boston. Themed "So Much You Can Do…to Take Care of You!" the initiative is inspired by Disney Junior's acclaimed "Doc McStuffins," the animated series that models good health and compassion through stories of a young girl, a would-be doctor, who cares for her ailing stuffed animals and other toys. The Doc Mobile features an area for kids to perform a "check-up" on their own toys plus other activities and age-appropriate health and wellness lessons including nutrition and physical development and fitness.

 During the multi-city tour parents and kids will get the opportunity to meet doctors from the Artemis Medical Society, a group of 2500 female African-American doctors that formed their group after seeing themselves in the character of Doc McStuffins.  Their goal to inspire other young girls to pursue their dreams in the medical field.  Make sure to follow along on the tour by liking Disney Junior on Facebook and twitter.  You can already get information on the "Doc Mobile" page of Disney Junior.

Doc McStuffins Multi-City Tour

 Sunday, August 18  
Boston, Massachusetts
 Franklin Park Zoo

Wednesday, August 21
New York, New York 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Times Square Disney Store

Sunday, August 25
Chicago, Illinois
Navy Pier Gateway Park

Saturday, August 31 & Sunday, September 1 
San Antonio, Texas 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Festival PEOPLE EN ESPAƑOL - Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

Friday, September 6 
Dallas/Fort-Worth, Texas
Fort Worth Museum of Science

Tuesday, September 10
New Orleans, Louisiana
Audubon Zoo

Saturday, September 14
Atlanta, Georgia
Centennial Olympic Park

Tuesday, September 17
Washington D.C.
*Location TBD

Thursday, September 26
Los Angeles, California
The Grove

Saturday, September 28 
Phoenix, Arizona 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Arizona Coalition For Tomorrow Kids Health Fair - Salvation Army Community Center

*Please note, as of now, Doc McStuffins will only make an appearance in New York, San Antonio, DC, and Los Angeles.

Is there an event taking place near you?  They are free and open to the public, so put it on your calendar!!

take a second and vote for me!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Getting to know me - a Twitter Party with Voice Boks, The Voice of Parenting


Make sure to read more about VoiceBoks and join the party!!

Hello bloggers and readers!!  Welcome to Cammo Style Love.  If you're already a reader this post might seem a little strange, however there's a pretty awesome reason for it.  My little corner of the blogging world was named a Top 50 Military Blog by Voice Boks - The Voice of Parenting.  Its pretty neat to be recognized for your blogging.  Truth be told I just do this for me, and in the hopes it might help someone.  You never know who might need to see whatever it is you write.  There's been a handful of times where I've known that something that helped someone, but you just never know.  That's what I try to do here.  Although I do talk about myself and my the military affects our life, how we rock the military life.

 Since our move to DC so many opportunities have come my way, that I've brought them to the blog.  At least 3 or 4 times a month I highlight an organization or group that assists the military in some way.  I really try to focus on organizations that are lesser known, or fit a niche of people.  My last one was the Military Spouse JD Network, a network of military spouses who are lawyers.  Its a very niche group, but maybe someone with a sister/brother or aunt/uncle will see it and pass it along.  Information sharing is the key and I want to take advantage while I can.  Living here has been such a blessing to me and my family.

Mr. Air Force has been in my life 14 1/2 years, 11 of which he's been a Mr. Air Force and 9 of which I've been Mrs. Air Force.  We have three beautiful children, 7, 4 and 2.  It's been a crazy life, full of ups and downs and sooooooooooo much craziness!  You can read more in my Our Story section.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I can't wait to meet more of my fellow bloggers. 
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Guest Post: Budgeting with Dave Ramsey

Hi, all!  I'm off on vacation here, and to help with everything I've gotten a couple of my most amazing blogging friends to write me up some guest posts.  I'm super excited about this one.  Budgeting is definitely a part of our life and although we've never done Dave Ramsey's series, its supposed to be really amazing.  I'm so glad Chantal decided to write this up for me.  It was really wonderful to see a visual affirmation of what you try to do yourself.  I'm not alone!  online, budgeting, mama, high-five girl!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Brandon and I have been following the Dave Ramsey style of budgeting for over two years now, and I cannot rave about him enough. This has changed our financial future, for the better. This post isn't about that, though. This post is about how I spend about $75 a week on groceries.

It started with a Facebook status, announcing my joy in spending under $70 at the grocery store with no coupons. I didn't think much of it, because I typically spend about that much, but then friends were hopping on saying things like, "Wow! Amazing!" and "I spent $230 this week!" and "Tell me your secrets!"   Well, I thought, I have no secrets.   Our groceries have been a source of issues since the beginning. I used to buy too much and things would go bad. I would buy things we didn't need and it would sit in the pantry for weeks. Once we started setting a budget, I would frequently go over by the end of the month, running out of money and having to take it from other places. In the new year, though, we figured out a new system. It's been working so far!   So I guess... here are my secrets!

 1. I budget only $100 a week on groceries. I DO NOT GO OVER. If I don't have the money, it doesn't get purchased. It took me awhile to figure out just how much I needed each week for groceries and this will fluctuate depending on location and family size. I base our monthly budget on how many Tuesdays are in the month (that's my shopping day) so that sometimes I pull out $400, sometimes $500. But I only ever keep $100 in my Groceries envelope each week.

 2. I make a monthly meal plan. This has helped immensely. It started back in September and now it's easy. At the end of the month I spend 15 minutes perusing my meal list and placing meals on days of the month. I make it so I don't have to buy a variety of meat each week, like, I have a few chicken meals, a fish meal, and a couple beef meals. I buy chicken in bulk at Sam's once a month, so that's already in the freezer, and then I only have to buy a pound or two of ground beef or steak, and then some fish. The sides are typically the same (sweet potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, etc.) so when I go to the store I'm roughly buying the same food. No surprises. I should add, I don't meal plan breakfasts, lunches or snacks. Our breakfast are always the same - scrambled eggs with veggies, fruit, occasionally sausage or bacon on weekends. Lunches are leftovers or whatever I can scrounge up. Snacks are fruit, nuts, veggies and hummus... I know this, I stick it on the list, and buy the same each week.

 3. I only buy what we're going to eat. By the end of the week, my pantry and fridge are empty. Literally last week, I had no fruit left and hardly any veggies. I like it that way. We're eating all the food, it's not going to waste, and I know I bought the right amount. Even if something is on sale and an awesome deal, I don't buy it unless we need it. It's just a waste of money otherwise.    

4. I buy 90% fresh fruit and veggies. Maybe even more than 90%. Since switching to a semi-Paleo diet, I don't buy things like bread, milk, cheese, crackers, cereal, etc. The vast majority of my money is spent on fruits and veggies. Some say that in this case, their budget gets more expensive... but I spend less now on this diet than I ever did before. And this is with buying stuff to juice too. Buy in season for cheaper options, buy what's on sale, and again, only buy as much as you need. This stuff goes bad quick.

 5. I plan for the extras. There's the monthly Sam's Club run for chicken that costs $20+. There's the 25lb bag of juicing carrots from Publix for $15. There's that surprise dinner party. I know things pop up, and I adjust. That's why I have $100 a week and only spend $75 at the store on Tuesdays. That extra $25 helps me make up for the extras.

6. I don't impulse buy... much. I try to stick to my list. If it's an impulse buy, it's something like pears or whatever. Sometimes ice cream, because Mommy needs chocolate.   And... I guess that's it!   Of course, your budget requirements will differ from ours depending on where you live or how many are in your family. Just know, you really don't need as much as you think you do.   Eat healthy and be strong!

 EDIT: My grocery budget is primarily for food, but it can include other things you buy at the grocery store: toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc. We don't include pet food, that gets its own budget. Sometimes the non-food items are taken out of our Miscellaneous budget. It really depends on when I'm buying it!


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