Cammo Style Love: Preparing for a Little One - A Link up with Wifesessionals & Five27Jones

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Preparing for a Little One - A Link up with Wifesessionals & Five27Jones

Preparing For A Little One

I'm so excited to be taking part in this link up with Wifessessionals!  In fact I just might go back and revisit some of the past topics that I missed, so just keep a look out for that.  This weeks topic is tips for a quick recovery.  I'm hoping my tips are a little different then some things you might have read in the past.  But before I start, go grab your hubbies real quick because this list is mostly for them.  You're welcome ladies!

1. Start preparing for recovery before it starts

You need to have a great support team before you even go into this.  Your mate needs to be ready to stand his ground and be strong for you.  I have a very strong and confident hubby, he was a little overwhelmed for the first birth, so I'm not expecting them to not be overwhelmed.  That's to be expected.  However, in the midst of all that is going on your support person/team to be able to advocate for you, to calm you and be there.  This will start your recovery on the right foot!


 2.  After the birth it is so important that this continues.  With all of ours we were very clear about visiting, who we wanted at the hospital, first in and all that stuff.  One of my most special memories was with our last one.  It was the most amazing that I had felt after a birth and the hubby and I decided that since we wanted our older ones to be the first guests that we would just wait until normal waking hours for them.  It couldn't have been better.  We had so much time just to ourselves after the baby was born it was great.  Now for the mamas, especially if its your first one you will probably be exhausted.  Its okay to sleep when your guests come, they just wanna see the squishy baby!!  So just don't worry about that.

3. Hubby's change those diapers

My sweet and amazing hubby was on diaper duty for quite some time after the babies are born.  I didn't even ask and it was great..and actually just made me swoon over him even more.  If that is even possibly after just having his baby.  I mean, seriously!


All right ladies, the next couple are for you.  Thanks hubbies for sticking around.

4. Wear that make-up!

Looking good and feeling good about yourself, at least for me, was such a huge part of my recovery.  I didn't bring a bunch of clothes to change into, in fact most of the time I hung out in the bed with my gown on but with a cute shirt to breastfeed in (so comfy).  But I put my hair up cute and put my make-up on, and that really helped me feel good.

5. A little secret from Elle McPhereson

About a million years ago I was watching an interview with Elle McPhereson, and she shared the most amazing bit of information.  It's probably going to be the weirdest thing you've ever heard and you might be like, "uh no way!"  Get yourself some depends.  One word, "uhhhhhmazzzzing!!!"  I got the really nice ones that fit more like underware.  So much more comfortable for my body and my brain for post-recovery (then what they give you), especially for sleeping.  I did it every single time and it was amazing!

6. Speaking of Sleep

Get one of those sleep masks and maybe some earplugs for the hospital stay.  My last experience was pretty horrendous and I didn't get a private room.  I actually ended up writing and complaining about it because it went beyond all reasonable expectations.  Hubbs actually ran out at night and bought me those too things, helped tremendously!  It doesn't mean you can't hear the baby or anything else, its just helps dull it so your brain can relax.


Anyway, that's all I think.  I really wanted to cover random things that aren't talked about all time, because there is not shortage of information out there!  So, I hope it helps.  Make sure to check out the rest of the link-ups over at Wifesessionals.

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