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Monday, March 11, 2013

Join Cammo Style Love with a Sponsor Slot

Well I finally took the plunge and started an Ad Space here on Cammo Style Love.  I thought it would be fun, first as a button swap and wherever it goes from there will be great!  There's a couple slots left for the next 30 days for a button swap, enter "swap" in the code box.   And if you have a button swap ad space let me know!  If you're new to ads let me know too.  I'm looking for some new places to put my button up.

Visit my Sponsor/Media Kit tab for more info!

Let me introduce my very first you see her cute button right there?  She's a new discovery of mine, and also happens to be my #RealPenPal....yeah, we totally write letters on paper, with ink, to each other!  *giggle*  I love it!  Her name is Amy and she's a Navy Wife, from Texas.  She's got a big heart and she's pretty awesome...however I'm probably a little bias.  Go and check out her blog!

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