Cammo Style Love: Kid's Xlear Nasal Spray - All Natural!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kid's Xlear Nasal Spray - All Natural!

I am so happy to be bringing another review and giveaway for your little ones, that is also a natural product.  This was made me particularly happy because it assisted me with a problem we've had since my third little guy was born.  A chronic stuff nose.  It's always been a problem for little man and is a combination of problems, without a real solution because he's so little.  We're almost 100% sure its not some weird allergy.  Some babies make more mucas than others, and then you combine it with a small nasal passage, well there you go....but its a cute little nose ain't it?

After having done the review of the BabyGanics and having had so much luck with it for teething, I was excited and happy to try another natural product for an issue we've had that we haven't had much luck in helping.  Here's a little bit about this particular nasal spray and what sets it apart from others.

Our Nasal Spray is a combination of xylitol and saline nasal spray that has shown to be effective in soothing and moisturizing the sinuses and nasal passages.
The Xlear Nasal Spray line contains xylitol, purified water, salt, and grapefruit seed extract as a preservative. Using xylitol nasal spray allows us to have a hyper-osmotic solution which helps pull moisture toward it. This action keeps the nasal passages and sinuses moist and clean for a much longer time than saline alone. Xylitol is the ingredient that sets our nasal spray apart from all of the other nasal sprays on the market.
The Xlear Nasal Spray line are all natural products, we do not use chemical antihistamines or decongestants that can leave your airways and sinuses dry. When your sinuses and airways are dry it leaves them vulnerable for increased infections. 

          I really like this product a lot. I appreciate the natural qualities of it and that, at the same time, it accomplishes the job it says it will do.  I'm a fan of medicine, but why put medicine in a little one if you don't have to.  I'm proud to bring you another natural product for you and your little one with my stamp of approval, whatever that means *wink wink*.  I'm also happy to say you can win one of your very own here.
Thanks and good luck!

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