Cammo Style Love: November 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Announcing Phillip and my Labor Looks, post use, review!

Well, everyone, let me just say this path month has been crazy. My little man will be a month tomorrow and time is flying way to fast for me. I am so happy and so blessed as a mom. My two other children are loving him and adjusting so beautifully. They want to help me feed him, change him, be around him and so far no issues of jealousy. I was so lucky when I had my daughter. My son was jealous either. I don't know if that was just luck, their personalities or the fact that I was so aware of the possibility that I tried so hard to make sure that he felt loved and special. Its something that I thought a lot about when we decided to have Ami, and I thought about again when we got pregnant with Phillip. How do you make sure your time is spread evenly? Can that even happen? I think it can. I think it doesn't have to be as deliberate and decisive, or even as black and white as it sounds.....but I fully believe it can happen. We spent individual time with our kids, both of us have. One of my favorite memories with Brian is when he and I went to Nick Jr. Live. It was so much fun. And I think we will continue to do those things as our kids get older. Its important and 100% possible. Now on to the fun stuff.

Here's me in my labor looks gown right after having Phillip

I have never had so many compliments in my life! Every single person that came into the room, including the anesthesiologist just went on and on about the gown. It was so comfortable and after having two kids in the regular hospital the weirdest way it made me feel different. I mean, seriously, how silly does that sound? Totally silly. But I love it. It gave me full coverage, I could tie and untie the ties by myself, even after having him. And it washed amazingly, even after a day of sitting in the dirty clothes at the hospital. How amazing is that? It is so comfortable that I have even worn it after the fact, when I was recovering. I absolutely loved my Labor Looks gown/my pjs! I think ever mom should have one and I really really really wished I had even heard of this option when I had my first two. The nurses and doctors loved it, said it looked just like a regular one, as far as the things they need to have a gown have.

Head over to Labor Looks and get a gown for yourself or even as a gift. And I believe the girls are planning an amazing Black Friday Sale, so get over to their facebook and check out that rumor!

and now a couple pics of my newest addition

and wanna know where to get the shirt i got for my hubby? Check out Daddy Scrubs, on their website and their facebook page.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Photo Card

Announcing our newest little one!!!!! How cute are these cards from Shutterfly? I mean seriously? It was so hard to pick just one background. Hopefully I'll be back to blogging on a regular basis here right quick. With our little guy just shy of three weeks old, and my darling three-year-old daughter and five-year-old son, it has been a little crazy around here. I am quite grateful for my other children, and my hubby. They have all been wonderful! Thanks everyone for hanging in there while i've been out of commission! I hope I still have some readers hanging on.

Andante Dots Cerulean Baby Announcements
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