Cammo Style Love: Labor Looks Review and Coupon Code!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Labor Looks Review and Coupon Code!

You don't even know how excited I am to be doing a review for Labor Looks hospital gowns. If you could see me now I'd be jumping up and down. Practically as soon as I found out I was pregnant I was hunting around for fun things that I could do this pregnancy because we have practically everything we need for a baby because we kept everything from our last two. We've got all their clothes and all of our other big gear type stuff was all gender neutral. One of the things I wanted to get for sure was one of those snazzy hospital gowns. I had seen them on tv and had run across them randomly on mommy websites. After looking at about a million other companies I finally came across LaborLooks. What first drew me to them was the price. I couldn't believe how much other companies were charging for their gowns. It was ridiculous! Then the patterns. All sorts of patterns, that were beautiful and detailed and not just a blue and a pink. I was really surprised at how many other companies had ugly patterns. I was thinking that I'd rather wear the regular hospital gown then this. Then I began looking at the company. LaborLooks was created by two sisters, one a Registered Nurse and one a Certified Nurse Midwife! Both moms, both wearing and testing out their product during actual deliveries! I mean, seriously? How much better does it get than that?

For those of us, including myself, that decide to go the hospital route we get the need for hospital gowns. I mean, it really makes things easy for everyone involved. But its so impersonal, they most certainly aren't one-size fits all, and lets face it....they aren't really the most fashionable thing you'll wear as a mommy. So just from that stand point its a completely novel idea and I can see why people have jumped all over it. Now let me tell you some other things that make these LaborLooks gowns different from some of the other companies I've looked at. One thing that totally jumped out at me was that these gowns have an overlapping tie (as you'll see in the picture) instead of the typical snaps (on regular hospital gowns and on other custom gowns I've seen). This feature allows for complete coverage and, as you'll see in the pictures) I could totally do it myself. The fabric on these is amazing. I have heard that some of these other gowns having fairly thin fabric. Not the case here. I mean, it literally feels amazing! These gowns are totally comfortable and I can see myself having no problem wearing it through the labor and after without it getting dirty. It seems really durable, so wearing it for future deliveries wouldn't be a problem. One of the creators of the gown even wore hers through her c-sections. And of course the last great feature would be the snaps on the shoulders for great skin to skin contact (by unsnapping both sides) and breast feeding (by snapping one side at a time).

One more thing I wanted to talk about was the sizing. Pre-pregnancy I was a size 16 and their sizing is right on. I was kinda of leary because in their sizing that made me a size m/l. I received the gown at about 30 weeks, so I'm pretty out there, and I see myself have extra room, but not so much that after the baby it would be too big or feel huge on me. It seemed to be designed similarly to maternity clothes in that the bulk of the extra fabric is just around your middle and not just all over, so you end up wearing a tent after the baby is born. Literally this thing is amazing I could see myself wearing it at home later on, in post-recovery. And now for some pics!

Please check out my YouTube review of this to see it in action and when you go to LaborLooks to purchase your gown use the code "rheanna" to receive 15% off!!

Thank you so much to the gals at LaborLooks for allowing me to review their product. I received to compensation in exchange for a positive review. I received one laborlooks gown to review and give my own opinion about.


  1. Thanks for visiting from the hop! I've never heard of this product - fun item for the hospital bag!

  2. I cannot agree with you more on this post. Hospital gowns are just blaaaah and us mama's want to look somewhat cute after all the work we put in, why shouldn't we wear a fancy gown!

  3. Next time I am pregnant, I am definitely getting this! How cute!

  4. new follower! thanks for the review!!

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  6. Those are such an improvement over the BLAH hospital gowns.

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