Cammo Style Love: Undercover Mamas Review

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Undercover Mamas Review

Okay, everyone, I have discovered one of my favorite pregnancy related items this pregnancy! Even after already having two I'm still finding and discovering things that I wished I had had with my first two. This shirt is my favorite; and I am so glad that I discovered it. The shirt is called Undercover Mama and it is amazing! I think I already said that, but seriously.

I purchased two in white and one in black, without even having tried them because that's how amazing they looked. And I was not disappointed. And I mean who wants to buy a whole new wardrobe for breastfeeding, especially after buying maternity clothes. And although I do have one or two shirts made exclusively for breastfeeding, this is an amazing way to expand the possibilities with your wardrobe. Its comfortable, it fits nice against my body. The length of it is perhaps my favorite part about it. Its easy to figure out, even if you don't have a picture to look at. I have three different brands of nursing bras and they all worked with this shirt. I love it! Go buy it now!!!

Please check out my video review on Youtube!

And here's a couple of pictures I snapped, but there are more amazing pictures of real moms on their website.

Undercover Mamas


  1. hi following from the blog hop
    Really enjoyed your blog
    please come visit me anytime over in the uk

  2. Don't you just love when you find something you love!!!

    I'm returning the follow and am your newest follower!!


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