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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A HOP, skip and a Fruit of the Loom Review!

So ladies, raise your hand if you HATE bra shopping!!?? LOL!!! I expect that every single one of you has raised your hand. Bra shopping is the bane of my existence, as I'm sure it is to most of you. So when I was given the opportunity, through Business2Blogger, to review a bra I was like, "ummm yes, please!" I was able to reiview Fruit of the Loom's new "Great T-shirt Bra". First of all let me say that it is adorable and the material is amazing, and it IS a great t-shirt bra, and looked great under my shirt, even in the grey color. For a big busted lady like myself, finding cute bras is next to impossible unless I'm willing to fork over a fist full of cash. I've longingly stared at the adorable and delicate bras and I make my way to the very plain large cups. But have no fear, Fruit of the Loom has sizes in the DD's ladies! The bra fit well, having never tried it on and only measuring myself with their size charts. so I would say they are very true to size if you want to order one online. I know that's always a hesitation with ordering something new online. Will it fit right? But, have no fear ladies, they have an absolute Guarantee!!! And add on a flat rate for shipping, whooohooo!!! I guarantee if you head over to ShopFruit, you'll find more than one or two things that you love. If you are thinking about getting a new bra I would suggest giving Fruit of the Loom a try. You've really got nothing to loose.


Kinda an old fashioned gal' recipe.......

So if you know me personally, or have been following my blog for awhile, you may have picked up on the fact that I'm sort of an old fashioned kinda gal. Some days I wonder if I was born in the wrong decade, and I think to myself I may have been much better suited for the 40s or the early 50s....of course, don't get me wrong, having access to many of the modern things does make life easier. But if you've ever been so lucky as to hear a rant about modern technology, such as social networking or how we modern day military wives don't know how lucky we have it, or the fashion of days gone by or even our roles as women and mothers.....well, you get the drift. So it was with this love of all things vintage that I reached into my cupboard and pulled out my grandmother's, "MaMa" Mountain Magic Cookbook from the Councils of West Virginia, chapter 42. I found a recipe for Pork Chops with Basil, and needing to spice things up a bit and go beyond my normal chicken done five different ways I decided to give it a try. Can we say yummy!! It was a hit with the fam and I felt like my MaMa was here with me as I was cooking and eating it. So, if you're looking for a simple pork chop recipe this might just be it for you. You can make it for a few people or a lot. It doesn't dry out like can sometimes happen with pork chop recipes, and it was amazing. My hubby didn't even pepper the heck out of it, as he often does with all meat dishes.

Pork Chops with Basil

1/2c. all-purpose flour 1/2 tsp of Salt
1 tsp garlic salt 8 (or however many you want) loin pork chops (trimmed)
1 TBLspn Olive Oil 1/2 tsp dried basil
1/2 cup apricot nectar (I used the Kerns nectar in a can)

combine flour, garlic salt in a bag and shake the chops in it, getting them well coated.
Heat olive oil in skillet, add pork chops and brown them
arrange chops in a shallow, un-greased baking dish, without letting them overlap
sprinkle with basil and pour nectar around chops
bake in oven at 350 for 1 hour or so (depending on how many you have. just make the temperature reaches 160 internally)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Military Post Friday June, 24th

Once again its time for the Friday Fill-in, hosted by the lovely "Wife of a Sailor" check her out!

check out this weeks questions, join the blog roll, and meet some great wives! And as always, I'd love for you to stop by and check out my little private forum Love and Dog Tags. I also have a great tab up top with tons and tons of links and info for the military s/o. I'm a fountain of info (slightly obsessive in my research, lol) so if you ever have any questions, please post them here or come on over to the forum!!!

Are you a different person than you were five years ago?
I wouldn't say I'm a different person, in the sense that people wouldn't know me, but I definitely think I've experienced things in the past five years that have caused me to grow as a person, learning some difficult lessons, and experiencing wonderful things along the way.

If you could go on Amazing Race, who would you take with you as your partner and why?
For sure my hubby! I almost feel bad that I would be his partner, lol. He's mr. camping, outdoorsey, boy scout. He keeps me balanced and centered and focused. I think that would be so fun!

Does Facebook or Twitter actually bring more stress or good in to your life?
LOL, i've actually posted about this on my blog. I have a total love/hate relationship with social media. Its good and bad. I'm really old fashioned, so some of the things it brings to the table bother me. I love that i've been able to connect with people from the past, from far away and stuff like that...but i think its taken away realness in people, intimacy, and gives people some false bravado.

June is National Soul Food Month- what’s your soul food?
oh man, good 'ole southern food! my mom is from the south. meat, potatoes and greenbeans...yummy

If you could live in any other era than the current, which one would it be and why?
well, this pertains to the post about twitter and facebook. LOL. I think I would love to be in the 40's. the clothing, the hats.....really anywhere in the late 30s all the way into the early 50s. love it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rhe's Bookshelf #2

Hello everyone. I know that I've been SEVERELY lacking in the blogging department. Its easy to get really into it and become obsessed, but one thing comes along and you can't do it like you used to and it becomes just as easy to get un-obsessed. Part of my problem is also the lack of a laptop. The battery finally burned out on that there you go. My pathetic lack of blogging excuses. And now moving on! I have been, however, completely enjoying myself reading, reading and more reading!!! A couple of the books were books that were on my personal to-read list and one was a wonderful opportunity provided by Tyndale Publishing. I'm never short of books to read, and in fact I get distracted all the time and lose track of what I wanted, and new books come along, or blogging opportunities and it goes on and on! That's why I was so glad to have been introduced to by one of my friends. I can organize my books!!! Hallelujah!! If you haven't made your way over to Goodreads I highly suggest you do. Look me up and we can be book pals on there.

Now on to the reviews......

My first review is for Springtime of the Spirit by Maureen Lang. This particular book is part of a series called, The Great War Series. I had never heard of it before, but I love anything historical in nature. Springtime is book number 3 and I definitely will be picking up the first two of this series. I was given the opportunity to read this book through the publishing company, Tyndale Publishing. It has been since my pre-teen years that I have read Christian fiction. I had just never found a book that interested me; and you would be more likely to find me reading True Crime, historical Non-Fiction, or a mystery crime fiction type book. So, when I was asked to review this I jumped at the chance; not only for the Christian-fiction aspect of it, but because it historical in nature. This book is set in 1918 Germany, with a great setting and real-life people woven into the story line, which I thought was really cool. The book was an easy and enjoyable read. Some sections seemed to drag on a bit, but I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the weaving in of Christian principles and attitudes. It played right along well with the story and fit in wonderfully. Parts of the book were very emotional, and as always - me being a girl - i was quite happy with the way the book ended. Anyone who is looking for a Christian Fiction book to read, with a little romance, a little History, this is the book for you. I think it is difficult to do all that in one book, and do it will might I add. Maureen Lang has certainly done that in this book.

3 1/2 out of 5 Stars from me on this one

My second book is Laura by Donald Zochert. This was a personal pick of mine that I had picked up randomly in my local book store. Never having heard of it, and growing up with Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie, I picked it up. The fact that it was a biography about Laura Ingalls and that it was small were added bonus'. Anyone that enjoyed The Little House books or Rose Wilder's books, or even the tv series, back in the day, should read this book. I loved it! When I think of the Little House books I view them as very biographical in nature, so reading a biography-type book had never really occurred to me (as silly as that might sound). I learned so much about the more historical aspects of her, and her families life. Things that may have been touched on in her books, but now to greater detail. Census information was included, and more historical information about the locations in which she lived were given. I learned so much about Ma and Pa and there lives and families. And more information was given about the younger siblings, Carried and Grace. The pictures that were included were wonderful; and really, reading this book has made me want to plan a trip to these locations even more than I had considered before. There is location information given, if you should ever want to travel there yourself, for the various places talked about, in the back of the book, as well. I definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in this topic. I think it would be a great book for your older children to read as well.

4 out of 5 stars for this one!

My final book review for today is J. Edgar Hoover: The Man and the Secrets, by Curt Gentry. This was an interesting experience, this book. I had picked this one up at my most favorite used book store, the Paperback Exchange. If you are ever, ever in Reno, Nevada you should immediately check this store out. I chose it because I had never read anything about J. Edgar Hoover, past what one is taught in school or generalizations in history books. I didn't really know much about him, and the fact that there is a major motion picture in the works, it jumped to the top of my list of books to read. This was an amazing biographical/historical type book. Amazing. I learned a lot I didn't know, I learned more about things I already knew. The one downside is that it is an extremely information-dense book. Wow, is really all I can say further about that. It literally took me about 6 months to read because I occasionally had to take some breaks from reading it, and read something else to let my brain take a rest. I would recommend this book to someone that likes this type of book. Keep your smartphone or laptop near by because you're going to want to look stuff up. I looked up many names I couldn't remember from earlier, and many times I would look up stuff to learn more because the book made me want to learn more about it. I learned so much that isn't in your average history book and I learned perhaps too much about Mr. Hoover.

I hope you enjoyed the book reviews my friends!! please check out my goodreads profile for more great books and book reviews! And if you have read any of these books, or just have another book to share that is like these please do! I'm always looking for books to add to my to-read list!!


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