Cammo Style Love: Sassy Sunday Blog/Link Hop #1!!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sassy Sunday Blog/Link Hop #1!!!!

Yay I'm so excited to be doing this!!! I want to thank my friend Staci, over at The Crafty Military Wife, for making my button! She's amazing, go check her out! So here we go!!! You can link up your facebook shop page (anything you sell), your blog or your etsy! Keep it clean and have fun!
That, and that you need to follow me, is the only rule. Hopefully if it gets bigger we'll have a spotlight blog you'll have to follow as well! Spread the word by posting my blog hop button somewhere on your blog :)


  1. Thanks for hosting. I am linked up and posted to help spread the word about your hop.

  2. I copied your blog hop link for my Blog Hop Page on my blog but it shows up as your normal blog button. I didnt know if you meant for that to happen. -Kimberly

  3. Something isn't quite right with the button I copied and pasted the code but you regular button came up.

  4. oh thanks for posting that ladies...i must have made an error when I did the whole copy and paste thing, lol!!! i'm getting on it right now!!!!

  5. Thank for visiting my blog and love your new hop...thx for hosting....following back..kat

  6. hey ladies, i think i fixed it. i'm so sorry. I"m still getting the hang of this blogging thing. If you have any tips let me know (if this link doesn't work this time). there's so much that comes up in searching for what to do (which I thought I did last time, lol)

    thanks for being patient and supportive!!

  7. Hi; I'm your newest follower.

    Follow back?


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