Cammo Style Love: Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

So its not so wordless, but I'm going to be a "not by blood" Auntie!!! yay!!
My dearest friend/kinda relative/cousin by marriage - whatever she is I love her!! yay!!!!!

I'm excited, can you tell?



  1. Thanks for stopping by my page and following! I'm now following you as well :)

    I love your blog name, I think it's clever!

  2. WOW just WHERE do I start this super loaded comment.. bwhahahahah.. 1. Congrats on becoming an Auntie.. (these 2. Thanks for sharing your WW and linking up.. 3. Thanks for following I'm following back 4. and I TOO soo love finding other military wifey bloggers.. hehehehe but shhhh don't tell anyone.. lol

  3. Oh yay! Very cute! Do I get to tell a "not by blood" aunt "congratulations!!!"?


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