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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Feature Friday #4

Well its time for one of my favorite parts of the week! Feature Friday! Whoohoo!!! For this week I chose RuthAnn from HaddyGrace Designs. I came across her stuff while surfying the bloggness and immediately fell in love. Her stuff is so wonderful, and a chance to showcase and support a crafty mama as wonderful as her stuff is, yay!

Here's a little bit about RuthAnn

How did I get started with HaddyGrace Designs? I have always enjoyed sewing for my children, but as a homeschool mom never found the time to pursue it with real vigor. In 2009 my daughters started attending our church's private Christian school and our new baby, Hadassah Grace arrived that December. I suddenly found myself with alot more time on my hands. So while the littleones (I also have a 2yr old son) napped I started playing around with different patterns and ideas that I had picked up here and there. I then started sewing for baby showers, and birthday gifts. Soon Friends were asking me to sew for their children, and I had strangers asking me where they could purchase my designs. After lots of encouragement from my husband and friends, I decided to officially run HaddyGrace as a business.
Finding time to sew, with 4 kids in the house??? thats a tricky one.. Normally all my spare time, when i am not busy cooking, picking up, doing laundry, cleaning and all the other happy mommy stuff, is spent at the sewing machine, or designing patterns. my sewing machine is in the livingroom, in the same corner as the bookshelf and all the toys. so when the little ones play i am right there to 'Help' with all their problems! I am a mommy first! So I get done as much as I can while they are happy but when the little ones go down for a nap I sew like a maniac!! :) after school I rarely sew as this is Family time as is after dinner, on busy days I sew at night after the kids are all in bed! most nights I work online trying to learn all I can about online shops, blogger, ect.

My Favorite HaddyGrace product?? My favorite to create is the pillowcase dress. It is so fun and summery, and I love finding just the right co-ordinating colors, and the RIBBON! There is just something about little girls and those ribbons at the shoulders!!
But right now my favorite to wear on my girls is the sweater dresses.. so warm and cozy and just so terrible cute when worn with boots or even a belt like my 9 yr. old insists on wearing hers. :)
oh, I also LOVE the little shoes!! Can't leave them out at all!!!! They were my firstr creation that made me think i could sell.. People loved them!!!

What to name my business??? Since Hadassah Grace was the inspiration for most of my clothes and creations I knew we needed to use her name... so then I had my husband and kids vote between Hadassah's Closet and HaddyGrace Designs.. :) They chose HaddyGrace Designs. and i approved it! :)

In 5 years??? i would like to have thousands of satisfied customers!!! To have an income big enough so my husband can quit his fulltime job and start on his 'dream job'. To still be putting my family first!
A little known fact??? I was born and raised in Lancaster Co.Pa into a loving, 'Horse and Buggy' mennonite Family. :)

And now some of her designs

So support this crafty SAHM and check out her stuff

HaddyGrace Blog

HaddyGrace Etsy

HaddyGrace Facebook

Thank you RuthAnn for letting me feature you!

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A Year Ago Today 10/28/2010

A year ago today was my baby girl's first birthday!!! I can't believe how fast time has gone! It was like she was just born and now she's two!!!! I can't believe it!!!!



Come hop with me!!!!

Bassgiraffe's Thoughts Thursday Blog Hop

The Two Savvy Sisters


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CSN Stores (Review Coming) - OBBBSSEEESSSSED!!!

So, my new obsession is the CSN stores. I was originally turned onto them from another bloggy mom and soon saw them all over the blogsphere! You can literally find anything you want for every member of your family for any occasion! If you're redecorating and you need some new counter stool or some cute rug like this one (which is one of my favs). Christmas gifts - look no further! Check it out!!!

For my review I'm probably going to end up going the christmas gift this not the cutest thing?

so keep a look out!!!

Wordless Wednesday

So its not so wordless, but I'm going to be a "not by blood" Auntie!!! yay!!
My dearest friend/kinda relative/cousin by marriage - whatever she is I love her!! yay!!!!!

I'm excited, can you tell?


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nick Jr. Storytime Live!!!

Well, not that long ago I had talked about taking my son to go see Storytime Live! Well the hubby told me to go on a date with our son and I did! It was so much fun. I didn't tell him anything and when Moose and Zee (the narrator's or Nick Jr.) came out, oh man the look on his face was priceless! I had so much fun watching him, watch everything else. It was such a great experience and I can't wait to have more special time like that together. I think its so important to have one on one time with your children. Its such a good thing, especially as they get older. I think as the oldest he will have a harder time as he gets older. There are perks to being the oldest for sure, speaking as an oldest child myself, but there are definitely downs. My sister will always be the baby and I'd be kidding myself if I didn't remember times where I was jealous because she was the baby. I'm sure she would say the same about me. Isn't that funny? The saying, "The grass is always greener" does ring true I think. But anyway, it was such a wonderful tradition that I really hope to keep on doing as the years go on.

Also please check out the auction i'm currently involved with. There are so many great sites and we are all united for a great cause, Cookie Platoon, that sends cookies for the troops. So please check out Patriotic Angels and Cookie Platoon for more information!

I'm also hopping today so check them out :)

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Saturday All!! Giveaways and Fun Stuff!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!! Hope your weekend is off to a great start and that it is wonderful!

First off, let me announce the winner to my very first giveaway!!!
congratulations to KS at Parenting the (Witch with a B) Way! *giggle* You're the winner of my first giveaway. I will be contacting you soon and you have 48hrs to get back to me or another winner will be chosen. Be watching, because I will be hosting another giveaway by Crazy Dog Shirts this week!!! So spread the word. I'd like a better turn out this time.

Next off, I am participating in a facebook auction with a great group of Crafty Ladies and we are doing it to support a good cause!!

The auction will be held at Patriotic Angels Facebook page here

The auction will be benefiting the Cookie Plattoon, which ships cookies to the troops!!! They are also taking information for their Christmas cookie mailing so check that out!! The auction starts monday so go and check it out!!!

Last but not least I will be doing a review and giveaway for a great company called Jump Start.
Its a great company that I discovered and they have online learning games for your kids! So be looking for that. In the meantime, check them out :)

And I"m hopping today!!!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Feature Friday #3

Hello everyone! So I wasn't quite on the ball with the feature this week and I didn't get it together so I'm going to list some of my favorite etsy shops! So go check them out!!

And join the hops today :)

Rhe Christine Designs
Gypsy Lane Designs
The Two Savvy Sisters
Sugar and Spice Aprons
Tilly Wistle
Amanda Rose Bridal
Lamb Candy
Lover Dovers
Hands Full Creations
Lynhea Designs
HaddyGrace Designs


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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Year Ago Today 10/20/09`

Well its that time again! Time for A Year Ago Today! A year ago today we were at the Pumpkin Patch for Ami's first time. It was really Brian's first time of really understanding the whole concept of carving and watching Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin and just experiencing and participating in the whole thing. We had lots of fun!

come participate in the hops with me!!!

Thursday Blog Hops

Bassgiraffe's Thoughts Thursday Blog Hop

and don't forget to visit my ETSY and Facebook design site :) All stuff ordered through facebook gets free shipping :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tuesday Hopping and I'm a co-host!!!

Do you Etsy? Do you have a shop you'd like others to know about? Lets hop!! The rules are simple but its important that you follow the rules so that hopping is successful!

First off, grab our button and put it in your sidebar or blog post. This Hop Will Open at 9pm PST and will open every Monday Evening at 9pm PST and go thru Tuesday til Midnight! Unless I have an ovewhelming amount of people who would like to switch the hop day. If you would like to vote to switch the hop day vote here.



1. You Must Favorite Your Etsy Shop Hop Hosts Lynhea Designs and RheChristine Designs. 
2. Favorite Our Spotlight Shop Nimbler Grove
3. Favorite the Person above you and the person below you on the linky!
4. What you may link up: Your Etsy Shop, Your Etsy Facebook Page or a dedicated Etsy blog page or post. (If your link does not meet these requirements it will be deleted, not just any shop can link up, it has to be ETSY) 

Thats it!!

* Signing up for my Etsy Newsletter lets you be entered to win a chance to be spotlighted next week!* (Signing up for my newsletter is not required to hop)

A little About Our Spotlight Shop:

Nimbler Grove:

"I started selling on etsy about 3 years ago when my daughter was born and I made her headbands, clips and bows and decided to open my 1st etsy shop. My friends and family started to ask me to design accessories for them and it was not long before I opened NimblerGrove in Feb on 2010. (NimblerGrove is an anagram for November Girl. Yes, I'm getting ready to celebrate my 30th birthday next month) I draw a lot of my inspiration from the 1920s, I love the flapper girls and their amazing style inspires me constantly."

Have fun hopping and the more you hop the more your Etsy Shop will be favorited! :) Every Week you have a chance to Host this blog hop with me or possibly be spotlighted as a required entry to hop.  Lets have fun hopping and seeing what everyone has to share!! I know I'm excited to look at your shops!!

Here's some more I take part in :)

Tuesday Tag-Along

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