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Friday, July 14, 2017

DC/NoVA Adventures ~ Boonsboro Inn; Boonsboro, MD

This year with everything being so crazy in our life we decided we needed to get away a little earlier than our anniversary. So we decided a mothersbirthanniversaryjustbecause trip was in order. I love planning these little getaways with Mr. Air Force. We decided a long time ago that these were a crucial piece to our military life puzzle. So even if its to the Holiday Inn down the street, or my amazing friend here taking the kids to her house for the weekend, we try to spend some time alone together. It is incredibly important to carve out that time, no matter how you do it. We decided to do something a little fancier this year in lieu of gifts for the above mentioned holidays.

I had heard about the Boonsboro Inn from my romance writer friends, and a couple girlfriends who are Nora fans. I have read exactly two Nora books, all a part of the Inn series. However, you do not need to be a Nora fan to love this place. And it was the vintage, literature feel of this place that made me want to go. You have a choice of eight rooms to stay in (seven named rooms and one penthouse): Elizabeth and Darcy (Pride and Prejudice), Marguerite and Percy (The Scarlett Pimpernel), Nick and Nora (The Thin Man), Jane and Rochester (Jane Eyre), Titana and Oberon (Midsummer's Night Dream), Eve and Roarke (In Death novels) and Westley and Buttercup (The Princess Bride). It is truly an Inn feeling, with a sprinkling of a Bed and Breakfast. The staff is sweet and lovely, it is relaxed, the food is amazing, and if you can get your hands on the homemade chocolate chip cookies and cranberry scones you will have lived a complete life! Breakfast in the dining room is amazing!!!!!!!!



If you are a fan of Romance Novels (they are very reserved and not super risqué) or reading a good fiction novel, I would definitely recommend The Inn at Boonsboro series. The writing is lovely and the stories are as well. I long the small town part of it, with a little bit of mystery and drama. They are just a nice read. I picked up the second book in the library of the Inn and got about halfway through in our three days there. You know what else is really fun? Watching the movie of the room you are in!!! I wish they had had some of the other Thin Man movies, because I would have popped those in. Instead we watched a Nora Roberts movie, called Midnight Bayou, which was really good!

The whole town is quiet and there's not a lot to do right in the square. You can drive to some other cute small towns with antique stores and little shops. On the weekend we went a neighboring town was a having a strawberry festival. There are several local wineries that we never made it to, but will be on our list when we go again. Antietam is also really close, and that is a must see if you are in the area. We've been twice and I would go back again (you can find a post here).


The two main restaurants in the area (owned by Nora and/or her family) are the pizza place and Dan's Tap House. The pizza I think is good, its not the greatest, but its fun place to go. If you do, check out the Warrior Pizza. It's a local favorite and pretty darn good. Dan's has some really good drinks from the bar, including Mule's, which are my favorite. We ate dinner there once and then went back and sat outside and had drinks and dessert one night.

All in all Boonsboro is a nice place to go if you're looking for some relaxation. It's not busy and if you like to be busy and not drive anywhere this would not be the place to go. But if you are looking for a truly lovely, romantic and quaint place to be GO NOW!!! And if you are from the DC area, drive through Frederick and check out the Cuban food. You can thank me later.

I saved this picture for the end because LOOK AT THAT LAMP!!!! You guys, I was seriously obsessed with it. And it was coolest thing in the world to read about them buying it and setting it up in the second book in the Inn Boonsboro Series. It was like a reader's dream guys! Nerd alert

Adorable reception area

First time eating Cuban food!!! It was amazing!!! Thanks Frederick, Maryland!!!

we kept forgetting to take picture together, so we snuck one in at the end of our trip.
Thank you Boonsboro, Rohersville and Frederick for such a great time

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Monday, June 5, 2017

How to Survivie Disney (in August) - The Nitty Gritty {Part 2}

Alright, its time to get into the Nitty Gritty of Disney! You've got the basics down. 
So now where do you eat, how to see characters and how to make that all happen while trying to enjoy yourself!

1. Best Places to Eat - Disneyland - if you're looking for ease, lots of seating, good prices and some shade, head on over to The Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country! We ate there for lunch three days in a row. Pack those snacks. Don't be shy! Disney is really good about that. Bring that cooler in as long as its smaller than 24x15x18! Eat one big meal in the park and snack away the day!! It helps pass the time when you need it and the kids don't miss out. Just don't forget to grab yourself some Dole Whip and have a rest in the Tikki Room!!! Another favorite, that was actually a surprise (not that I expected any food to be bad) was Jolly Holiday Bakery and Café. You guys...the grilled cheese and tomato soup was to die for!!! And the desserts...well, Disney is magic.  Want to have a date night or eat out somewhere nice? They aren't kidding about those reservation dates. Make them!

2. Seeing Characters - Having not been to Disney in over 10 years I wasn't sure what to expect. I had kept hearing about how they just weren't seen the wild as much as they used to be. And while that statement in general might be true we saw SO MANY!! And I want to reiterate that there is just something about Disney. Even in lines for characters, walking by with them, people were so nice!! And depending on the needs of your kids, that might be enough. You can frequently find Minnie and Mickey when you walk into the park on the right side on main street. Right in a little alcove past the first 4 or 5 shops (the ones that are really expensive). The Wicked Queen from Snow White hung out near the bathroom right as you were walking to Fantasy Land. Many princesses can be seen down in Snow White's Grotto (which is one of the most romantic places in the park). Peter Pan, Alice and the Mad Hatter hung out by the tea cups, and Critter Country is a good place to find Winnie the Pooh and his whole gang! If getting guaranteed time with characters is really important Minnie's Breakfast and Ariel's Grotto is the place to be!

3. Souvenirs -  One of the biggest things I did to save money was purchase most of the souvenirs BEFORE we went to Disney. I realize that I could have been taking a gamble, but for the most part you can do a pretty good job of avoiding most of the temptations. Watch out for the shop after the Small World Ride and Pirates of the Caribbean. One of the best purchases we made was at the castle, in the little beauty salon. Believe or not that have amazing swords for boys. They are amazing, really sturdy foam swords! Every prince needs a sword!!

4. Regrets - We didn't do a character meal. I'm totally blaming Mr. Air Force on this one. He convinced me that it wouldn't be very exciting for the kids, and did the cost equal the benefit. I would absolutely say yes!! Other regret - going towards the back of the park for the parade based on a recommendation. The recommendation came to me for the evening parade. Get to the back of the park where the parade was ending that time. Unfortunately meeting anyone at the back of the park is a nightmare. Either all go together, or stay at the front of the park.

5. Random Thoughts - Daytime parade watching was a breeze, and much easier than I expected. We sat outside of the castle, along the wrought iron fence (on the cleanest street in all the land. We arranged seating about an 45 minutes before the parade began, and then one by one I took the kids over to the castle for souvenir shopping. It worked out perfectly!!! Frozen fast pass, waiting in line to see the characters....totally worth it. Waiting at Pixie Hollow, also completely worth it. We survived without a dining plan. Eating our way through Disney wasn't a priority. We made it with a hearty breakfast, snacking through the day and eating one large meal in the park. We left the park for a rest time around 2/3 and then went back into the park for all the fun evening stuff. Take your date night during fireworks time. In the summer this is one of the best times to ride the rides. So many people are watching the fireworks. It was so much fun riding Thunder Mountain over and over again, coming up over the bumps and seeing the fireworks explode above you. So cool!!!

Visiting Disneyland can be a crazy place, but it is most definitely crazy fun!! As long as you go into it knowing that you can't control every experience you have. Going through to see the park through your children's eyes, and that learning to stand in lines is a rite of passage and makes you a good human. What better place to learn all that stuff then in the happiest place on earth! Have fun!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

How to Survive Disney in August - The Basics {Part 1}

Summer is coming fast upon us and with it comes fun family vacations. While traveling to Disneyland or Disneyworld at the height of the tourist season might not be the most ideal of situations, it's when the most people are at the park. So how did we survive it with three small children? A lot of research, that proved helpful, a little grace, a dose or two of chill pills and a whole lot of fun!! Now, my tips are built around our trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, but many of the tips work for other Disney locations.

1. First things first - Get those tickets! For my military readers, you can't beat a military discount! The military ticket prices are absolutely amazing, and you can purchase a significant number of them at one time. All that it requires is you, or your spouse with your IDs, to purchase. I purchased ours over the phone and then picked them up. So easy!! One of my favorite parts about these tickets (aside from the price) is the fact that they are park hopper tickets, which usually tack on quite the extra fee.

2. Now that you have your tickets - TOURING PLAN - Get this right now! It's amazing. Buy the subscription as well. Even if you only go once in the year that you have it, the subscription is worth the price. Honestly I could stop my tips and tricks right here. This website and app lets to schedule your day down to the minute. You can factor in meals (and the meal's locations), nap times and any other events that might come up during the day. Have rides that are important to you? It factors that in, and calculates the order in which you should obtain your fast passes (Disneyland).

3. Where do you stay? This is a little trickier. There are so man options for to choose from. Stay at a resort hotel, a partner hotel, or neither one. If you belong to a discount club save those rewards up and cash in when you go to Disney! We chose to stay off Disney property. There are some great hotels with military discounts, so make sure to check those out. There are so many surrounding hotels to choose from, many with shuttle systems. Uber and Lyft are amazing in and around Disney and I would highly recommend them. Visit MouseSavers for some excellent tips on staying on and around Disney.

4. You've Arrived!! Now what?! Rope drop! Do it! We arrived about 45 minutes before first gate opening. It was just starting to get really busy and the energy was amazing. It's a lot of waiting around but the kid did amazing. If you have children under 10, get that stroller. Do it! Best money we ever spent. I wanted to bring ours, but my husband was convinced we wouldn't need it, or that it would be crazy to bring around. Lets just say I was right. The rope drop was the best experience with my kids. People were happy, the music started perfectly welcoming you into the day. I cried...and skipped people!! It gets you into the park early, before its insanely crowded and before it gets really hot. Where should you go first? If you aren't going to make a beeline for the Materhorn (we never got around to it with the littles), appoint someone your fast pass king or queen and send them off to either the Materhorn or Star Tours. Your first stop in Disneyland should always be Fantasy Land. Those classic rides are where you find the intense lines. Visit Alice in Wonderland, Tea Cups, Peter Pan, Snow White and all that good stuff right out of the gate! This is exactly why you need Touring Plans. Get it and get it now. You can thank me later!

Stay tuned for part two of this Disney series!! This is the Nitty Gritty of it all, more details to follow!!!

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Just like Mommy {Mother/Daughter Fashion from Old Navy}

I love that she still thinking dressing up like Mommy is fun! It's my favorite thing to do - color coordinating, matching with my kids. I'm kind of a succor for it. It won't be long before she won't want to do this, or at least she won't think its fun but will probably (hopefully) just roll her eyes and humor her mother. But for now she thinks its fun so I'm going take advantage of that. 

When I saw that Old Navy had some 'Mommy and Me' outfits in their collection I was thrilled and I high-tailed it over there. Old Navy is the perfect place to get your 'mom-trend style' on. It stays on trend for the most part, it still carries classic work pieces and its within my affordable range of clothing prices. Who wouldn't love to shop at a boutique or Nordstorms? I frequently stroll past Lord and Taylor with longing eyes. Walking by all these adorable boutiques where I live, staring longingly (never mind they almost never carry clothing in my size!) almost always make me sad. But one quick trip over to Old Navy with their bright colors, great sizing, and affordable price tags and all is well with the world. Shop the looks down below!

Old Navy, you missed a great opportunity with this mother/daughter line of clothing! It proved to be kind of a frustrating shopping trip because the girls/baby sections is so far away from the women's section. None of the collection was grouped together and there was no cheat sheet board or poster advertising. I heard later from some friends of mine that they too starting taking clothing off the racks and hauling it back and forth between the sections. I probably would have bought more had it been easier to match the stuff together. So mentally prepare yourself when you go in the store. And no, going online won't save you any stress. It would also have been even more amazing, and would have sucked more of us mom's in, if there had been more identical matches! We mom's love that kinda stuff!! But, I got some adorable clothing and matchy pictures with my, it was a win!

Cardigan - similar 
My Pineapple Tank (you can get a shirt version online, which I didn't see in store)
Ami's Pineapple Shirt - sold in store

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